Confluence Web Authentication API

Confluence Web Authentication (WebAuthn)

The web authentication API enables passwordless login into Confluence with Windows Hello Pin, Face ID, Touch ID and biometric using public key cryptography.

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WebAuthn or Web Authentication API for Confluence permits web applications to integrate secure verification for both two-factor(2FA) and single-factor authentication. It enables your Atlassian Confluence application to be easily configured to use your device’s FaceID recognition, Fingerprint, or any hardware token. In this way, users don’t need to remember a password for each login, and the login experience will completely be a passwordless login.

DC Support

Enable Web Authentication on your DC atlassian application.

Passwordless Login

It allows you to use the system's built-in authentication like Windows Hello, Security keys, Apple's FaceID/TouchID, instead of passwords.

Easy Management

The plugin provides an option to easily enable disable and register the WebAuthn method.


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Key Features

Force Authentication for Users

Force users to use webauthentication for signing in to your atlassian application.

Advance User management

Manage user configurations easily from inside the plugin.

Flexible Web Authentication module

Modify web authentication modules and design user experience according to your need.

Support for mobile devices

Users can log into their atlassian application using the mobile devices



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