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Enhanced OAuth integration with robust PKCE support

Integrated Client Credential Grant

JWT Support

Restrict users from generating tokens

IP-based restrictions for limiting access outside your network

Enhance control with group-based restrictions

Prevent overload with token based rate limiting

Prevent unauthorized modification by enabling read-only access

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Client Success Stories

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BNY Mellon faced a challenge validating custom JWTs for REST API authentication from Atlassian and sought miniOrange's help. We enabled secure API authentication by validating the JWTs using a public certificate, ensuring token integrity and authenticity for their JIRA APIs. Discover how our solution simplified JWT authentication.

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JPMC aimed to bolster JIRA security by transitioning from password to certificate-based authentication. Seeking a tailored approach, they partnered with miniOrange. Explore how our solution facilitated secure internal and external REST API calls through certificate-based authentication.

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Stretch utilizes our Jira OAuth SSO plugin for user authentication via IDP. They sought a solution from miniOrange to authenticate REST APIs using the access token obtained during Jira SSO without generating new tokens. Read on to discover how we customized their setup for REST API authentication using the obtained access token.

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Benefits That Make Life Easier for You!

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Precise Access Control

Restrict API-based access within the Atlassian ecosystem, allowing granular control over resource accessibility and safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access or breaches.

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Effortless Integration

Confidently integrate external services into your Atlassian ecosystem, fostering efficient collaboration while upholding rigorous security standards.

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Centralized Authentication

Streamline authentication processes for REST API calls, centralizing management and ensuring uniformity across your Atlassian ecosystem with third-party applications.

Discover Our App Features

Multiple IDPs supported

Access Control Restrictions

Restrict API access based on local groups or IP addresses, enabling granular control over resource accessibility and enhancing security measures.

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Token-Based Authentication

Integrate services and scripts within an SSO-enabled environment using token-based authentication, ensuring robust authentication mechanisms.

JIT and SCIM provisioning

Third-Party OAuth/OIDC Authentication

Authenticate API requests seamlessly using a third-party OAuth/OIDC provider for enhanced security and ease of integration. Incorporating Client Credential Grant and JWT compatibility.

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API Token Management

Create or revoke individual API tokens for users, providing flexibility and control over API access permissions.

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Script Integration

Generate API tokens via REST endpoints, facilitating easy integration with scripts and automating authentication processes.

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AWS Cognito

Easy Setup Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Effortlessly configure your miniOrange add-ons with our curated, step-by-step setup guides for a quick and seamless setup.

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Support has been fantastic and fast

Purchased the API App and it was very easy to use out of the gate. Support has been fantastic and fast. Keep up the great work.

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

The product is easy to install, works great

It was good to see the flexibility in the product to allow the choice of a custom IdP.

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

It works great

We have Buy this Api Plug In and it works great. It´s easy to create an API token. Great Job.

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