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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the steps to install the Atlassian plugin?

    Here are the steps to install and apply evaluation license to the Atlassian plugins.

    • Launch your Atlassian application and log in.
    • Access the administration section. You might need to log in once more (ensuring maximum security).
    • Select “Add-Ons,” then proceed to “Manage Add-Ons” (in older versions, this might be the “Install” section)
    • Click on the “Upload Add-On” link and upload the jar file.
    • Return to the “Manage Add-Ons” page of your instance (found under the “Install” section in older versions).
    • Identify your installed add-on within the list.
    • Click on the entry corresponding to the add-on and proceed to copy and paste the license key into the designated license box for the add-on.
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  • How do I set up OAuth 2.0 Token for my SPA using Okta?

    To configure your SPA (using Okta) for OAuth 2.0 Token, follow these steps:

    1. Configure Plugin Settings:

      In your plugin settings, under OAuth 2.0 Token, select the JWT option, and retrieve the Redirect URL provided.

    2. Register SPA on Okta:

      Log in to your Okta Developer Console and register your SPA application. Next, configure the Redirect URL obtained from the plugin settings in your Okta application settings.

    3. Obtain Authorization URLs and Client Credentials:

      Within Okta, obtain the Authorization URL, Token URL, and Introspection URL. Additionally, retrieve client credentials such as a client ID from Okta.

    4. Configure Plugin Details:

      Enter all the required details including Authorization URL, Token URL, Introspection URL, and client credentials in the plugin settings and click on Save to save the configuration.

    5. Authenticate APIs:

      With the configuration completed, your SPA can now authenticate APIs using the token obtained from Okta.

      Remember to test your configuration thoroughly to ensure seamless integration and authentication flow between your SPA and Okta.

  • How to get REST API Authentication plugin logs?

    Steps to capture plugin logs.

    1. Go to System → Logging and Profiling.
    2. Click on Configure in the Default Loggers section.
    3. Enter in the package field and select Debug in Logging Level. Click on Add.

    After these steps, perform single sign-on again to record logs. Then download support zip using these steps,

    1. Go to → Troubleshooting and support tools.
    2. Proceed to create a support zip.
    3. Click on Customize Zip, keep only the Jira Application Logs option selected and Save settings.
    4. Click on Create zip and then Download zip.