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Enhance API Security for Jira REST APIs with OAuth/API Token

Enhance API Security for Jira REST APIs with OAuth/API Token

Enhance API Security for Jira REST APIs with OAuth/API Token app extends the API security for your JIRA site by providing more authentication methods such as OAuth 2.0, API Tokens, etc.

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Enhance API Security for Jira REST APIs with OAuth/API Token gives you the ability to use API Key or any third party OAuth 2.0 provider/ OpenID connect to authenticate REST APIs for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Data Center. It provides the functionality to restrict access to Rest API’s based on user groups or IP addresses and supports creating or revoking individual Jira API tokens for users and universal API tokens for services, it also allows you to disable Jira’s basic authentication. The app supports Azure AD, Keycloak, Okta, AWS Cognito, Google, Github, Slack, Gitlab, Facebook, Meetup, Discord, and any custom provider.

DC Support

Provides API authentication for Jira Data Center REST API.

Service Desk Support

Provides API authentication for Jira Service Desk REST API.

OAuth 2.0 Support

Supports API authentication using OAuth 2.0 in addition to Jira's basic and OAuth 1.0 authentication.


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Ways to secure REST APIs

Jira API Key

Use Jira API Keys as an alternative to basic authentication to protect your REST APIs from unauthenticated users.

Jira OAuth 2.0

This method allows you to authenticate the Jira REST APIs of your application using any OAuth/OIDC providers.

Jira Basic

Jira Basic authentication is a simple authentication scheme built into the HTTP protocol.

Key Features

Third Party Provider Support

Support authentication using access token of 3rd party OAuth provider.

Configurable Access Control

You can allow or block REST API calls using Jira's default authentication methods such as basic authentication, OAuth 1.0 etc.

API Keys

Supports API access using unique API keys instead of username and password.

Private REST API support

Support API authentication on private Jira REST API routes other than Jira's standard REST API.



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