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Support for 20+ IDPs

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Telstra sought a centralized Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for both internal and Atlassian applications, preserving user permissions managed by Crowd. miniOrange's Crowd SAML SSO plugin helped them address this challenge. Read on to discover how our product delivered secure flexibility to Telstra.

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Airtel Africa sought an SSO solution for their Atlassian environments but encountered issues with missing parameters in their SAML responses within their proxy environment. miniOrange conducted a thorough analysis of their setup and delivered a tailored SAML SSO plugin to solve their problem. Keep reading to learn how we delivered a seamless SSO experience to Airtel Africa.

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Vodafone sought seamless integration of their Okta environment with Jira and Confluence for Single Sign-On (SSO). They required automatic user creation and group assignment upon successful authentication from Okta. miniOrange addressed this challenge for Vodafone by automating user creation and group mapping through our SSO plugins. Read on to discover how we simplified user management for Vodafone.

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Starbucks needed a solution to distinguish between internal and external users during Single Sign-On (SSO) for better access control. With no such solution available in the Atlassian marketplace, Starbucks turned to the miniOrange Jira SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin. Read on to find out how Starbucks was able to implement granular access control for its users with our plugin.

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NASA wanted to facilitate user access to Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo, even though they were stored in Crowd. miniOrange made it possible with our Crowd solutions. Read more to find out how NASA was able to secure its users without compromising on their convenience.

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Bajaj Allianz aimed to authenticate users through Active Directory for their Jira Service Desk during their migration to the cloud, ensuring authorized access and preventing data breaches. miniOrange addressed this challenge through SSO Integration with Helpdesk. Keep reading to learn how we ensured a seamless migration and effective authentication for Bajaj Allianz.

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Omilia required a solution for seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) from multiple Keycloak Identity Providers (IDPs) to their customer portal. Facing challenges with Atlassian access and domain verification, Omilia turned to miniOrange's SSO Integration with Helpdesk. Keep reading to understand how our solution delivered seamless SSO for external Omilia users.

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Covance needed a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for Jira with various Identity Providers linked to different Jira site URLs. We addressed this by setting up the SSO process to guide users to the correct IDP using URL Mapping. Find out how we streamlined their SSO configuration.

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Porsche Informatik aimed to streamline login processes for Atlassian applications like Jira and Confluence. We enabled seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) between their LDAP Directory and OAuth Provider using miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO Add-ons. Read on to discover how we enhanced their user experience.

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Mercedes wanted to enhance security for users accessing Atlassian applications through their internal login system. Although they were already using a miniOrange plugin for Single Sign-On (SSO), they aimed to introduce an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA). Read on to discover how we customized their SSO setup to prompt users to perform 2FA during SSO.

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Canon wanted to make it easier for users to log in to their Atlassian apps. We set up domain-based authentication and allowed Git authentication for External Active Directory (AD) users in Bitbucket. By creating a custom login form, we made it so users were automatically directed to the right Identity Provider based on their domain. Read on to learn more about how we enhanced their login process.

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AWS required a solution to integrate Jira and Confluence with their centralized user management system, AWS Cognito, for streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO). miniOrange made it possible through its Jira and Confluence OAuth/OIDC SSO plugins. Read more to find out how we moved user authentication from Atlassian apps to AWS Cognito for AWS.

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Trimble aimed to streamline user access to Jira by integrating Okta as their centralized Identity Provider. They needed a solution to enforce SSO through a specific IDP when logging in to Jira, preventing users from bypassing that login process. We configured Single Sign-On (SSO) between Jira and the specified IDP using our Jira SAML SSO addon. Read on to learn how we improved Trimble’s access management process.

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Activision sought a centralized user management solution and the ability to enable login using custom LDAP attributes in Atlassian applications. miniOrange made it possible through our Jira SAML SSO and Confluence SAML SSO plugins and customizable login page templates. Read on to learn how we improved the user management experience for Activision.

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Readdle's Atlassian team required streamlined user management synced with G Suite. miniOrange made it possible through our JIRA SAML SSO plugin and its Just-in-Time provisioning capabilities. Keep reading to learn how our solution delivered a seamless user management process for Readdle.

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Benefits That Make Life Easier for You!

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Enhanced Productivity

50% Faster

Boost user productivity with Single Sign-on by faster logins and seamless transition between Atlassian applications with a single click

Auto User Management icon

Auto User Management

120+ Hrs

Effortlessly map user profiles, groups and attributes from your Identity Provider to Atlassian.

Flexible Access Rules icon

Flexible Access Rules

100+ Combinations

Enable local authentication for external users or customers, while enforcing SSO-based login for internal users or admins.

Discover Our App Features

Multiple IDPs supported

Multi-provider Support

Enable seamless authentication for all users by configuring multiple Identity Providers (IDPs).

Redirection Rules icon

Redirection Rules

Redirect users to their specific IDPs based on their email domains, groups, and directories.

JIT and SCIM provisioning

JIT and SCIM Provisioning

Automate provisioning, group assignments, and attribute mapping for user ease and administrator efficiency.

Customized Login Page icon

Customize Login Page

Customize the login interface to reflect your brand identity, ensuring a professional experience.

Signed Encryption Support Icon

Signed Encryption Support

Ensure data integrity and prevent unauthorized access during transit through the use of signed and encrypted SAML assertions.

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Extremely happy with this plugin. Plugin is very easy to be setup and do have a lot of useful/configurable options. Initial setup takes like 10 minutes. Just perfect

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Amazing support. Suggested a change, had an updated copy of the plugin the same day. Wow!!!!

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