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Bitbucket User Sync and Group Sync

Bitbucket User Sync and Group Sync

User & Group Sync app for Bitbucket Data Center helps you synchronize all user and group information from Identity Providers such as AWS, OneLogin, Oracle IDCS, Azure AD, Okta, G Suite, and many more with Bitbucket.

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Bitbucket User Sync & Group Sync app supports Bitbucket User provisioning/Deprovisioning for Bitbucket Data Center from providers like AWS, OneLogin, Oracle IDCS, Azure AD, Okta & G Suite. You only need to manage user accounts in the Identity Provider such as Azure AD, Okta for Data Center. You can configure our Bitbucket User, Group Sync, and Bitbucket Directory Sync App/ Bitbucket SCIM Provisioning App with our SSO guides. Bitbucket SCIM Data Center App also has configurable provisioning options for importing/exporting Bitbucket users, updating Bitbucket users, activating/deactivating Bitbucket users. Bitbucket SCIM User and Group Provisioning sync users and groups Bitbucket from the organization’s Identity Provider.

DC Support

Easy and quick setup for Data Center. Automatic user sync & group sync with your Identity Providers.

User Management

Accommodates the full user lifecycle by creating, updating, removing user data in Bitbucket.

Compatible with Any SSO App

The Bitbucket Usersync/SCIM app is compatible with all SSO Apps available on Atlassian Marketplace.


Faster and better troubleshooting issues, you can share plugin configurations and logs via email or customer portal.

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Key Features

Reduce Human Involvement

Changes in Directory are automatically synchronized to Bitbucket within a seconds.

Real Time Provisioning

The User's profile and group's information will be updated every time user’s data is updated in the identity provider..

Bitbucket Directory Sync

Create new Directory in Bitbucket for an easy user & group provisioning. All the provisioned users & groups will be synced within the same directory.

User Groups Provisioning

Allows mapping user’s directory groups to Bitbucket groups. The user groups are updated on scheduler.

Transform username based on regex

Match directory user with Bitbucket user with the help of REGEX Mapping.

Manual sync button

Users and Groups can be synchronized any time with just a single click.

User Deprovisioning

Confluence users can be disabled based on their status in directory.

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What Our Customers Say!

Overall rating of our 1st-party reviews

"Worked like a charm"

We experienced problems having group claims appear from Azure. So installed this app to sync the groups into Confluence. Worked like a charm.

"Easy to Configure"

The plugin is quick and easy to configure. Definitely recommended! Support was very quick to add a couple of features the way we wanted.

"Great Support !!"

Add-on works well with Azure Active Directory. Great Support !! customers.

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