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Secure Workforce Identity: miniOrange is a better alternative to OneLogin

This detailed overview offers a comprehensive analysis of why many customers are seeking OneLogin alternative – along with their primary concerns and challenges. This analysis is based on feedback, reviews, and customer experiences shared on popular review platforms such as G2, Capterra, and Peer Insight. This impactful analysis will give valuable insights to help you make an informed business decision and evaluate how miniOrange is the ideal OneLogin alternative for your needs.

miniOrange is an excellent OneLogin alternative because of its exclusive support, affordable pricing with additional MFA options, supported protocols, connectors for legacy applications, and other features.

1. Support

In today's business world, support is considered an essential part of the operation. However, OneLogin's support and maintenance have not been up to the mark, with slow response times, not so outstanding quality support, and delayed software updates along with bug fixes can make a user frustrated. For businesses, this can be a matter of concern that rely heavily on the platform, as any issues or downtime can impact their operations.

  1. miniOrange Dedicated Focused Support (24*7)

  2. miniOrange has a dedicated Customer Experience support team to ensure every customer interaction is of the highest level. Each call is routed directly to experienced technical engineers, so calls are resolved quickly without having to navigate time-consuming and sometimes frustrating faceless chatbots. We strive to maintain continuity in customer communications by routing calls to engineers who have previously worked with the customer. This provides a greater perspective and a deeper understanding of the customer environment to ensure optimum call closure times and customer satisfaction.

2. End-User Dashboard

End-user dashboard should always be easy to use as it enhances the user experience and improves overall satisfaction with the product. OneLogin’s confusing and checkbox-based UI, with limited customization options can create a frustrating experience for users.

  1. miniOrange’s incredible, easy-to-navigate end-user dashboard

  2. miniOrange provides an easy-to-use end-user dashboard via which your administrator can configure all of the applications utilized inside the organization for SSO and MFA that can be easily accessed by its employees/users. Along with specific features and functionality, the easy GUI is the first initial source for admin. Proper navigation with high-level features at a single glance is the must-have functionality every network administrator demands.

3. Pricing

A well-designed pricing strategy can help a business maximize revenue, increase market share, and create customer loyalty. OneLogin's pricing structure is slightly complex as it requires businesses to purchase the highest tier to realize significant benefits, resulting in a potentially costly investment for medium-sized businesses.

  1. miniOrange’s Effective Pricing

  2. miniOrange offers the greatest in-house price for its SSO/MFA solution, as well as the best features and support. miniOrange cracks the pricing part as it has the most reasonable per-user rate for Workforce IAM solutions. For customer-specific IAM services, miniOrange maintains a tier-based structure that includes affordable pricing for user authentication. Prominent industry experts from G2 have recognized us as the best ROI company in 2021 globally in Cybersecurity.

4. Integration

Easy integration solutions are crucial for businesses as they enhance security, streamline authentication, increase user satisfaction, and support scalability. OneLogin’s much acclaimed, smooth streamlined integration has led to a frustrating user experience. Careful evaluation of OneLogin's pricing and integration capabilities is recommended before committing to the platform.

  1. Easy integration

  2. miniOrange offers easy integration solutions for various applications and services that provide an extra layer of security and authentication measures. These solutions include Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), social login, LDAP integration, and Two-Factor Authentication for VPN. These integrations make it easier for businesses to secure their digital ecosystem and streamline the authentication process for their users.

5. MFA solution

A user more often than not prefers a range of methods and capabilities to choose from. OneLogin's MFA capabilities are limited to just a few methods, such as SMS and Google Authenticator, which may not meet the needs of organizations requiring more advanced MFA options. There have also been a few complaints regarding OneLogin's MFA reliability like delays or failure to deliver authentication codes, that can compromise the security of the platform.

  1. Advance solution with 15+ MFA methods

  2. More options to choose your MFA method, 15+ MFA methods with miniOrange MFA solution. This includes OTP through SMS/Email, Microsoft/Google Authenticator, and Push Notifications via the miniOrange Authenticator app, and many more, compared to OneLogin’s handful of MFA methods. Restricting access to a few MFA methods may become a problem in a global organization. miniOrange solves this problem and ensures you a seamless MFA experience.

miniOrange Unique Features

  1. External Database Integration

  2. Authenticate your users via any external database or API. This is also relevant to your case. Suppose you want to keep your users in WordPress only and do not want to move them. But since WordPress is not an IDP. You can use miniOrange as a broker to authenticate via WordPress database and miniOrange will do session management.

    Protocol Brokering

    Protocol Brokering helps you to Single Sign-On(SSO) into any application via IDP supporting any protocol SAML, OAuth, OpenId,etc. It allows all your SSO, MFA, User Management requirements with cross protocol support between your apps.

    SSO Connector Support

    miniOrange provides connectors for many platforms/cms which do not support single sign-on to enable SSO in them like WordPress, Atlassian, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

    No User Migration Needed

    We have such a flexible IdP system where you can enable the SSO for the applications without moving the users from their existing user store.

    Shared Identity Login

    Admin will create an account and will only have the credentials of the account. He has the right to give access to authorized users to login into the application. Users can log in by clicking on the icon without knowing the login credentials.


miniOrange logo
Onelogin logo
Ease of Use & Support
Quick & Easy Installation
Support for Customization of solution as per requirements
Active Support for every query with quick response
End to End Configuration
Local Language Support
No User Migration Needed
Basic Competency
Availability of solution to both Cloud & On-Premise, Also connectors for many platforms/CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
(Support for Both On-Prem and Cloud IdP)
Product functionality
Single Sign-On
All Standard Protocols Support
Cross-Protocol Brokering
Integration with third-party Identity Providers
User Directory Integration
Supports JWT Integration
Password Vaulting/Secure Web Authentication
Social Login Integration
Windows Single Sign-On
External Database Integration
API Integration
User/Group Management
User/Group Provisioning with support On-Demand and scheduled sync on daily basis.
SCIM support
User Re-Certification Workflow
SAML Integrations
Service Provider and Identity Provider-initiated login
Multiple SP Support
User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
Multi-Factor Authentication
Support for 15+ authentication methods
Popular Authentication methods support
Integrations with the hardware token
Backup Methods - Soft Token, OTP Over Email, Security Questions
2FA integrations with VPN Clients
Windows credential provider
Third Party MFA Providers
Offline MFA
App protection
System Protection
User self-enrollment & self-management
Adaptive Authentication
Enforce access based on user’s device, location and time
Limit which devices can access apps — corporate vs. personally owned
Control which devices can access apps
Notifications to users and admins via email and SMS
Login Security & monitoring
Advanced Blocking
Brute Force & DOS Protection