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Boost your network infrastructure security by an additional layer of security with miniOrange Multifactor Authentication (MFA) through Radius and Tacacs+ Authentication

  Secure all your network devices with a centralized system.

  No need to install an external proxy on your network infrastructure

  Be Cyber Insurance compliant with our MFA solution

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RADIUS MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

Why MFA over RADIUS?

A core task for many IT admins is figuring out how to properly control network access to ensure security. Earlier most IT teams maintained a singular, on-prem working environment, now countless IT professionals have been required to enable remote access to vital resources for all users. Virtual private networks (VPNs) have been used for many years and are an effective way to provide remote network access, but they aren’t fully secure by themselves.In 2020, Homeland Security issued a warning that VPNs are being targeted by credential theft attacks. This is exactly why MFA is necessary for VPN or Network devices security.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers a stronger safeguard to the login process, especially when implemented in conjunction with RADIUS.
MFA with Radius Authentication provides stronger security compared to traditional usernames and passwords. miniOrange provides a seamless solution and acts as a radius server to secure all your network devices with MFA. miniOrange provides15+ Methods like OTP over SMS/Email/Call, Google/Microsoft/Authy Authenticator and Push Notifications via our own miniOrange authenticator app.

Should I Use MFA to Authenticate VPN Users?

In an eye-opening article by Forbes, organizations all around the world figured out just how vulnerable all of the “secure” VPNs in the market are. Here is a chain of Statistics on VPNs that could make you reconsider your VPN’s security - Of the ~5 Billion users on the internet today, ~25% use VPNs. That is an overwhelmingly large number of access points to critical information and must be secured without any compromises.
With the Increase in Identity theft, Credentials Fishing, Attackers are targeting username and passwords of a user/admin.Without MFA, Attacker can have the access of entire organizational resources, With an extra layer of authentication, It is impossible for the attacker to gain the credentials. VPNs can be secured with a combo of MFA through radius protocol.

MFA for VPNs


secure network by switches and routers

Why is it important to secure your network devices?

Along with your VPNs, miniOrange can also help you secure you other Wireless devices that Includes your Firewalls, Switches and Even routers using Radius Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
You can use the radius protocol with miniOrange to encrypt your switches and routers depending on the hardware capabilities of your network. To better secure your network infrastructure, the majority of switches and routers support Radius authentication, and miniOrange can help with MFA over your network equipment.
You can secure all your network devices with miniOrange scalable, easy to setup cloud as well as On-Premise MFA solution.

MFA for Network Devices

Radius MFA
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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods supported by miniOrange

SMS & Phone Callback

Authenticator Apps

miniOrange Authenticator

Email Verification

Hardware Token

Security Questions

SMS & Phone Callback

Receive a text on your mobile with the information required to validate yourself for the second factor.

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Authenticator Apps

Receive a time based OTP token (TOTP) by an external authentication app such as Google/Microsoft authenticator.

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miniOrange Authenticator

Use the miniOrange authenticator to login in the form of a soft token, push notification or a QR code.

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Email Verification

MFA using login links and password keys on your registered email address.

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Hardware Token

Use a physical USB token into your computer, which generated the required information to gain access.

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Security Questions

Answer a few knowledge based security questions which are only known to you to authenticate yourself.

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How Does MFA Work With RADIUS?

miniOrange accomplishes this by acting as a RADIUS server that accepts the username/password of the user entered as a RADIUS request and validates the user against the user store as Active Directory (AD). After the first level of authentication, miniOrange prompts the user with 2-factor authentication and either grants/revokes access based on the input by the user.

RADIUS MFA Multi-Factor authentication

Benefits of MFA over RADIUS


Secure authentication for all environments, protecting identity and access to data wherever users go. miniOrange MFA can help secure your network devices via factors such as OTPs, physical tokens, & authenticator apps


Simplicity for both end users and administrators. miniOrange MFA solution is easy to deploy & gives administrators more flexibility, visibility and control. miniOrange mfa solution is simple for end users to verify their identity when accessing network devices.


MFA solution extends and adapts to all areas of your organization. miniOrange MFA plays a pivotal role in providing visibility in all risk areas, from on-premises networks to mobile devices and to the cloud.

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"miniOrange provided DBS with a solution to restrict access to Fortigate VPN with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Because the organisation wanted the entire setup to be protected from internet exposure,..."

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