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Oracle PeopleSoft SSO

SSO, MFA & Provisioning  
For Oracle PeopleSoft

Roll out secure access to PeopleSoft with easy integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  Supports multiple Identity Providers (IDPs) like Azure AD, Okta, Google, and many more.

  Enables standard protocols like SAML & Open ID Connect (OIDC).

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Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud SSO Configuration

Enable PeopleSoft SSO with Azure AD without OAM/OID Licenses

The challenge

  • Implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) involves standard authentication protocols like SAML 2.0 or Open ID connect (OIDC).
  • But in the case of PeopleSoft, it does not support SAML 2.0/OIDC natively which makes deployment with IDPs like Azure AD, ADFS, and others very complex and challenging.
  • Furthermore, You will require OAM (Oracle Access Manager) and OID (Oracle Internet Directory) licenses for enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) in the Oracle PeopleSoft application.

The Solution

  • miniOrange PeopleSoft SSO solution provides pre-built connectors that act as a broker between the PeopleSoft application and Azure AD or other IDPs. This enables your users to access PeopleSoft with their existing Azure AD credentials.
  • PeopleSoft SSO connector by miniOrange enables users to Single Sign-On (SSO) into Oracle PeopleSoft via any IDPs without the need to purchase and install OAM and OID licenses. This makes the deployment super easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Peoplesoft Solution Connector
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Completely Mitigate TokenChpoken Attack

Peoplesoft MFA Solution

The challenge

  • Oracle PeopleSoft provides a seamless user experience via the “SSO out of the box” feature, which uses the PS_TOKEN cookie to store the user or session information.
  • PS_TOKEN cookies contain sensitive data like UserID, Node Name, Date, and Time. During the TokenChpoken attack, all the systems that use SSO are affected.
  • A PS_TOKEN Authentication cookie can be easily forged and the attack results in system or account compromise.

The Solution

  • The permanent solution to mitigate this risk completely is to turn off the out of the box PeopleSoft SSO and enable SSO with third-party IDPs. miniOrange PeopleSoft SSO solution enables Single Sign-On with third-party IDPs like Azure AD.
  • The solution uses secure header-based authentication, which does not involve any token. Also, you can enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to further add a security layer on top of SSO with miniOrange’s 15+ MFA methods and Adaptive MFA capabilities.

Additional Features of Oracle PeopleSoft SSO Solution

Directory Integration

Easily Integrate your existing LDAP/Active Directory or any SQL database in miniOrange to provide users SSO login with secure access to Oracle PeopleSoft using their existing credentials.

User Provisioning

Updates user information in your integrated directory or IDP and Oracle PeopleSoft Apps when you manage user information (like CREATE, DELETE or UPDATE user accounts) in miniOrange.

Device & IP Restriction

These Adaptive Authentication factors provide additional security to your Oracle PeopleSoft SSO login by enabling restrictions based on factors like IP address, Device, Location & Time.

Authenticate with External IDPs

Use your existing SAML/OAuth Identity Provider (IDP) to authenticate into Oracle PeopleSoft. No need to onboard your users separately, we provide uninterrupted access to users.

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We Cater to Diverse Industries

Financial Sector

We help Financial Institutes like Banks, Insurance Companies, Audit firms, etc., set up secure and seamless access to Oracle PeopleSoft in On-Premise and Cloud environments.

IT Sector

We help diverse IT companies ranging from large enterprises to startups in enabling enterprise SSO with their Oracle PeopleSoft and existing IDP. We further secure their infrastructure with 15+ methods MFA methods and Adaptive MFA.

Educational Sector

We help Educational Institutes like Universities, Colleges, Schools, etc., to implement Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Oracle PeopleSoft access with Azure AD as IDP or any other IDPs like ADFS, Okta, etc.

Healthcare Sector

We help Private & Government Healthcare Organizations to enable SSO & MFA for their Oracle PeopleSoft applications.

Oracle PeopleSoft SSO Benefits

Boost Productivity

Oracle PeopleSoft SSO solution gives better productivity and user experience as users don't have to login multiple times or remember different passwords to login to Oracle PeopleSoft, thus improving productivity.

No need to Migrate Users

Simplicity for both end users and admins as there is no need to migrate existing user data from Identity Providers (IDP), Active Directory (AD), or the database where your users are stored.

Additional Security

Along with SSO you can also add an extra layer of security to your Oracle PeopleSoft by configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) . We offer to log in using backup codes whenever the user is not having the phone available.

Periodic Password Change

Periodically, we enforce users to change their Single Sign-On (SSO) password to ensure additional security. You set the frequency of the password change prompt in the policy.

No need to remember URLs

No need to remember different application URLs, as users are only using one set of credentials to login to the Oracle PeopleSoft application via SSO authentication.

Support IT Security Audit

We support IT Security Audits such as SoX and HIPAA, which are required while enabling SSO for the Oracle PeopleSoft application.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Oracle PeopleSoft SSO work?

miniOrange provides a Federated SSO login experience for different Oracle PeopleSoft users. Oracle PeopleSoft redirects unauthenticated users to the miniOrange Identity Provider (IDP) login screen; this will be handled by the miniOrange SSO connector, which communicates with miniOrange IDP (Identity Provider) via SAML/OpenID Connect/other SSO protocols. You can also easily use miniOrange as a broker and set up SSO user flow for Oracle PeopleSoft SSO with your existing IDP like Azure AD, ADFS, Okta, etc.

What do I need for Oracle PeopleSoft Single Sign-On (SSO)?

You will need a miniOrange Cloud Account/the miniOrange On-Premise Identity Server, the Security Guide for your Oracle PeopleSoft application, and Admin access to the Identity Source of your choice, for integrating miniOrange as a Broker.

How does Oracle PeopleSoft SSO password reset work?

Oracle PeopleSoft SSO password reset can be handled at the Identity Source of your choice - once you've configured SSO for your Oracle PeopleSoft via miniOrange, you don't need to manage passwords manually for your Oracle PeopleSoft; you can use the existing Self-Service features on your Identity Source.

What is Oracle PeopleSoft Access Management?

Oracle PeopleSoft Access Management involves two parts: User Provisioning, which allows you to create & grant access to your users on the fly, and Multi-Factor/Adaptive Authentication, which allows you to add extra layers of protection to your Oracle PeopleSoft.

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