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User Management

Manage users effortlessly and control their access to devices, applications, networks, etc. with a personalized experience for both customers and organizations.

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User Management Login - what is it and how it works

What is User Management?

User Management process provides a smooth and effortless experience for both individuals and organizations to oversee their accounts and obtain access to various IT resources such as devices, applications, systems, networks, SaaS services, and more.
miniOrange offers seamless registration and login processes. Users can create accounts through various means such as social providers or for enterprise clients, through federation with their existing identity provider. The flexibility to link multiple accounts provides users with the freedom to choose. Additionally, we offer the ability to migrate users in bulk or incrementally as they log in.

Effortless User Management for Organizations

Manage User Profile (add, update, delete)    

   All user attributes are updated across various applications when a user is created/ updated/ deleted in the IDP.

One Central Database    

   System and network administrators use Universal Directory services to manage and control access for users to applications and infrastructure resources.

Data Consistency with Group Provisioning    

   Synchronize user groups with all relevant apps with Group Provisioning and grants them the same level of access.

User Management features

Flawless User Experience

    Convenient Self-Registration

Users can self-register accounts through a customized SSO login page, allowing them to easily register, log in, and edit their self-service portal accordingly.


Users get a personalized user sign up page, login/forget password page, custom menus, color themes, etc. according to their organization's branding.

    Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Users can set or reset their passwords using any browser, mobile device, or directly from any logon screen without any IT assistance.

Flexible Deployment Options

Identity solutions from miniOrange can be easily deployed in your organization's existing environment.

Prevent unauthorized access with Strong Security

Strong Password Policies

Single Sign-On

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adaptive Authentication

Lifecycle Management

Strong Password Policies

Enforced strong policies to overcome weak policy trends among users.

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User Management: Manage all identities, groups, and devices from one place

Single Sign-On

Validate Workforce Identities and their access with strong pre-defined risk factors.

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User Management: SSO Solution for your workforce

Multi-Factor Authentication

Decrease security breaches with an additional layer of authentication.

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User Management: Add additional layer of secure for your applications and workforce

Adaptive Authentication

Validate users’ Identities and their access with strong pre-defined risk factors.

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User Management: Additional layer of Multi-Factor authentication security based on risk and access.

Lifecycle Management

Create, manage, update & delete users with an easy-to-implement Provisioning solution.

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User Management: Create, manage, & delete your external and internal user’s access to on-premises, cloud, and SAAS apps account.

Benefits of frictionless User Management

Streamlined onboarding

By automating provisioning, organizations can take the user onboarding burden off of HR or IT departments by providing them access to specific applications, networks, data, and resources.

Increased Productivity

Improves productivity by giving users required access to the cloud services from day one. Users are empowered to start working immediately without having to wait for access.

Reduce Complexity

Using a centralized system, administrators can automate provisioning and manage many application accounts, reducing human errors and complexity.

Reduced cost

When you reduce the amount of time and resources spent on manual provisioning, you eliminate user downtime when they don’t have access to what they need, resulting in more productivity, lower operational expenses, and improved operational efficiency.

Error reduction

It eliminates manual operations, and the margin of error is considerably reduced. When adding a user to the system and providing access to programs, there’s less of a possibility of making a mistake.

Improved Security

Furthermore, automating reduces the risk of security threats, network or data breaches because access to these cloud applications is only granted through the roles and permissions established by the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is User Management?

User management is a core part of Identity and Access Management (IAM). It enables administrators to effectively manage users and their accounts, giving them access to various IT resources like devices, applications, systems, networks, SaaS services, storage systems, and more. The User Management solution solves the problem of managing user access to various enterprise resources and ensures data security.

What is user management in CRM?

An effective security management strategy is crucial to safeguarding enterprise data in CRM. User Management primarily involves role-based access control. Admins can control access and roles for users. It ensures that users have access to only the relevant features in CRM. With User Management, sensitive data in the system can be protected against unauthorized access.

How does miniOrange show stats of users managed in a network?

miniOrange admin dashboard or console gives system administrators a comprehensive overview of current user sessions, including login status, user privileges, and their actions within the system. This allows system administrators to make important security decisions in real-time to support business operations.

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