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Prevent unauthorized access to Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) by enabling secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) login for all your users.

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ADS MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

Why should you enable MFA for ADFS?

miniOrange ADFS Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) connector provides an additional layer of security to your organization's Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) by adding secure multi-factor authentication for your users. This helps to protect access to your ADFS resources by requiring an extra layer of authentication beyond just a username and password.
By implementing MFA, even if an unauthorized person gains access to your user's credentials, they will still need to provide additional authentication factors, such as a code or biometric scan, to gain access to the resources. This greatly reduces the risk of account takeovers and ensures that only authorized users can access critical resources.
Overall, the miniOrange ADFS MFA connector improves your organization's security posture by implementing multi-factor authentication and preventing unauthorized access to your ADFS resources. By doing so, you can increase your organization's security and reduce the risk of data breaches or other security incidents.

Setup Guide

Enable MFA

What are the different Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods for ADFS?

SMS & Phone Callback

Receive a text on your mobile with the information required to validate yourself for the second factor.

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MFA MEthod - SMS OTP and Phone OTP

Authenticator Apps

Receive a time based OTP token (TOTP) by an external authentication app such as Google/Microsoft authenticator.

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MFA Method - Google Authenticator/Microsoft Authenticator

miniOrange Authenticator

Use the miniOrange authenticator to login in the form of a soft token, push notification or a QR code.

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MFA Method - miniOrange Authenticator

Email Verification

MFA using login links and password keys on your registered email address.

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MFA Method - Email Links & Password

Hardware Token

Use a physical USB token into your computer, which generated the required information to gain access.

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MFA MEthod - Hardware Tokens

Security Questions

Answer a few knowledge based security questions which are only known to you to authenticate yourself.

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MFA Method - Security Questions

Key Features

Advanced Security with Role-based MFA

Enforce granular access security policies and gain insights into user’s access devices, and set MFA policies for each user based on their role in the organization.

Reduce Security Risks by Preventing Unauthorized Access

Protect your data from phishing threats and reduce the risk of a data breach

MFA for both On-Premise and Cloud Apps

Enable consistent access security for both On-premises and Cloud applications

How does MFA for ADFS work?

ADFS MFA Multi-Factor authentication
  • A user attempts access to ADFS protected service with username / password.
  • The username / password is verified against an existing first factor directory (i.e. Active Directory)
  • Once the user's first level of authentication gets validated ADFS sends the confirmation to miniOrange Authentication Server..
  • Now miniOrange Authentication Server asks for a 2-factor authentication challenge to the user.
  • Here user submits the response/code which he receives on his hardware/phone.
  • User response is checked at miniOrange’s Authentication Server side.
  • On successful 2nd factor authentication the user is granted access to login.

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