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Secure Network Infrastructure
Devices with MFA

Multifactor Authentication (MFA/2FA) can boost network infrastructure security by providing an additional layer of security through Radius & Tacacs+ Authentication.

  Secure all your network devices with a centralized system

  No need to install an external proxy on your network infrastructure for MFA

  Be Cyber Insurance compliant with our MFA solution

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Secure Network Devices

What is Network Device Security?

Cybersecurity risks are increasing, and user access controls remain a key threat to your organization's network, and Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a must-have for network security, as well as ensuring that the network topology and configuration are secure and can withstand sophisticated attacks; a poorly configured firewall in the wrong location can jeopardize the device's ability.

miniOrange can help you secure your network infrastructure with a scalable, simple 2FA solution that works with all of your networking devices, including firewalls, switches, and routers. miniOrange serves as a radius server, allowing you to add MFA on top of your existing authentication. You can manage MFA across all of your devices with 15+ viable alternatives that include OTP over SMS and email, external TOTP Authenticators, Push Notification, Hardware Tokens, and more.

Key Features

Network Security Devices: Features Section

15+ MFA Methods

15+ Authentication methods like OTP over SMS, Email, Push Notifications, etc for your networking devices.

IP / Device Restriction

It reduces the authentication burden. It prompts for strong authentication only when it's needed foremost. (changed geographical area, device change, network change, etc).

Support for All Radius and Tacacs+ Protocols

To enable MFA, miniOrange supports all radius and tacacs+ protocols like PAP, CHAP, etc.

Easy to install

It will hardly take 15 minutes to set up MFA on your networking devices.

Centralized system

You can manage MFA for all your network devices from a single dashboard.

Challenge support

miniOrange supports MFA for devices that do not support challenge through Push Notifications using the miniOrange Authenticator app and OUT OF BAND SMS.

MFA over Firewalls

When it comes to protecting your networks from outside attacks, the firewall is your first line of protection. Cloud networking and firewall security are a must for every organization. miniOrange can help you add an additional layer of security with its MFA solution to ensure a secure environment and protect your customer and workforce identities.

Network Security Devices: Secure network by firewall

Network Security Devices: secure network by switches and routers

MFA Over Switches and Routers

In networking, both the router and the switch serve as connecting devices. A router is used to determine the shortest path for a packet to take to its destination. The router operates at the network layer, whereas the switch operates at the data link layer. miniOrange can assist you with MFA over your network devices to further secure your network infrastructure.



Secure authentication for all environments, protecting identity and access to data wherever users go. miniOrange MFA can help secure your network devices via factors such as OTPs, physical tokens, & authenticator apps


Simplicity for both end users and administrators. miniOrange MFA solution is easy to deploy & gives administrators more flexibility, visibility and control. miniOrange's mfa solution is simple for end users to verify their identity when accessing network devices.


MFA solution extends and adapts to all areas of your organization. miniOrange's MFA plays a pivotal role in providing visibility in all risk areas, from on-premises networks to mobile devices and to the cloud.

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"miniOrange provided DBS with a solution to restrict access to Fortigate VPN with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Because the organisation wanted the entire setup to be protected from internet exposure,..."

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