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Employee SSO

  Revolutionize your workforce's productivity by unleashing business apps access beyond boundaries, with unmatched security

  Streamline your business applications access with seamless login credentials

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Employee SSO - miniOrange

The Challenge of Managing Employee Identities
and Access in Growing Businesses

The Problem

With the ever-expanding businesses, employee Identity and Access Management (IAM) to various applications can be a significant challenge for IT teams. They continuously face the intricate and time-consuming task of managing employee accounts, and passwords and approving access to various apps and resources.This is where the problem lies. As the number of employees and applications increases, managing their authentication and authorization becomes daunting. All of this, in turn, leads to inefficiencies, taking shortcuts, and cutting corners resulting in a higher risk of a security breach and frustration for the employees. This problem is especially prevalent in healthcare, finance, and education industries, where permissions to sensitive data must be carefully managed and monitored.
At miniOrange, we understand the challenges faced by IT teams in managing employee identities and providing secure access to applications. We help organizations globally in reducing the risk of security breaches and save time on administrative tasks while focusing on strategic initiatives. The Ponemon Institute and IBM's 2018 study on “Cost of a Data Breach”, stated that the average cost of a data breach was $3.9 million in one year. This number is a big reason for organizations to take necessary measures to prevent breaches.


With expertise in IAM, miniOrange offers robust security solutions to enhance organizational productivity.

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Features of Employee SSO

Extensive SSO solution

Enable SSO for any application that supports SAML, JWT, OAuth, or OpenID Connect protocols, including your in-house and legacy applications.

Leveraging Existing Identities

Allow employees to SSO login using their existing Active Directory, ADFS, LDAP, HR Systems, Microsoft 365, G Suite, or Zoho credentials.

Tailor Made SSO Solution

Customized Registration and Login Page with Multi-Language Support which allows employees to easily edit their self-service portal according to their requirements.

Improvised Audit

Gain deep insights into application usage and the employee accesses activities from one central console for IT Admin.

Simplified employee management

Easily adds or removes multiple employees, and grants or revokes their access to applications in a single click via the Single Sign-On admin portal.

Multiple Deployment Options

Deploy the SSO solution on the platform of your Choice - Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid according to your requirements.

Employee SSO
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Streamline the deployment of Single Sign-On (SSO) access for all enterprise applications

Deploying Single Sign-On (SSO) access for your enterprise applications has never been easier with miniOrange as your identity provider. Our extensive network of over 5000+ pre-built integrations allows for seamless and secure adoption of SSO for both cloud-based SAAS and On-Premise apps. By eliminating the need for individual integration maintenance, the pre-integrated SSO streamlines the process for enterprises to search, add, and grant user access to their various applications.

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Benefits of Employee SSO

Enhancing Employee Experience & Productivity    

  miniOrange SSO solution offers a customizable self-service portal with multi-language support, allowing employees to easily edit their registration and login page as per their requirements. This feature helps improve user experience and adoption of the SSO solution.

Centralized Access Control & Provisioning    

  Centralized access control streamlines your provisioning capabilities, and enables your IT administrators to control access to enterprise applications from a single location. Thus your employees will have access only to the apps and data they need to perform their jobs.

Security compliance & reduced IT cost    

   SSO improves security compliance and reduces IT costs, and security risk protection requirements are also fulfilled while ensuring sensitive data protection. Users can also self-reset their passwords and manage their dashboards, eliminating the need for constant IT support.

CHeck out SSO Benefits
    Streamlined User Onboarding and Offboarding

  Employee SSO simplifies the process of granting and revoking access to applications, making onboarding and offboarding employees more efficient and secure.

     Stronger Security

  SSO authentication ensures that only authorized employees get access to sensitive data. With Single Sign-On you can implement password policies like Password length, complexity, restrictions on password reuse, session timeout and self-service password reset policy to strengthen security without holding up your employees access.

     Pay As You Go

  The Pay As You Go model (especially for cloud-based SSO services) helps you to spend less with a unique user tier structure with 24/7 support. We have special discounts for educational and non-profit organizations.

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"Nahdi wanted to adopt SSO, and they were using Siebel CRM, but it didn't support any SSO protocols. Changing the entire CRM system and transferring data from one CRM to another is a time-consuming job....."

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