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SAP Apps 
SSO & MFA Solution

Get a complete IAM Solution for all your SAP Apps like WebGUI, NetWeaver, etc. Increase User Security and Streamline the Authentication Process.

  Integrate SAP with AD/LDAP/any User Store for efficient SSO, MFA, and Provisioning.

  Agentless SAML 2.0 integration to easily configure SSO into Legacy SAP Apps

  No more time spent on User Creation & Update

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SAP SSO , MFA and Provisioning Solution

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A Complete IAM Solution For Your SAP APPs

Integrating IAM with the SAP system landscape requires careful planning and execution because different SAP components, such as SAP WebGUI, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Fiori, SAP Business Suite, or SAP S/4HANA, have varying authentication mechanisms, APIs, and integration points. By leveraging miniOrange, you can effortlessly implement Single Sign-On (SSO), Provisioning, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your SAP Apps using all standardized protocols connecting to your existing IDP or User Store like miniOrange, Active Directory, Okta, Onelogin, Ping Identity, etc.
miniOrange solution can directly enable SAP SSO with SAML 2.0 protocol without the need for any external proxy agents. This streamlined approach allows you to efficiently manage your SAP Apps and other applications, enhancing security and simplifying user access management.


Agentless SAML SSO

Enable SSO for SAP Apps using SAML without the need to deploy any proxy agent. This makes deployment simpler and saves overhead IT Costs.

Auto User Creation

The auto sync features automatically create and update all user accounts that are created in the user store. This increases productivity by removing manual work and reducing IT helpdesk calls.

Adaptive MFA

Adaptive MFA provides advanced security in high-risk scenarios by restricting access based on factors like IP, location, device & time. This helps you comply with regulations & compliance.

Multiple Sign-On

Allow your users to authenticate through a centralized authentication server using a single set of credentials each time they try to access any business application. For more security, miniOrange can also enable MFA on each login.

Streamline Secure Access With SAP SSO, MFA & Provisioning

SAP Apps are vital for daily business operations. Streamlined access via miniOrange's SAP SSO solution enhances productivity and security. It uses SAML 2.0 protocol, supporting standards like SAML, OIDC, OAuth.
Our SAP MFA solution adds 15+ security methods including OTP, Authenticators, Email verification. It secures SAP WebGUI, NetWeaver. The User Provisioning solution integrates access control, auto updating accounts & policies.

Key Features

  Enable SSO with all known Protocols

  Choose from 15+ MFA Methods

  Auto Sync User Accounts across multi-channels


Connect with SAP Suite

SAP Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment Using Active Directory or Any IDP

Deployment is a major challenge that most businesses & Enterprises face when it comes to SAP SSO, MFA & Provisioning. miniOrange solution can use your existing Active Directory as IDP and enable SSO with existing AD credentials to simplify SAP app access for your organization. Also, our solution supports multiple IDPs like Okta, Ping Identity, Onelogin, etc. If you don’t use any IDP, then you can opt for miniOrange IDP and also use our Universal Directory as User Store.

Key Features

  Use AD Credentials for SSO

  Supports Any External IDP

Direct SAML Support Without Proxy Agent For On-Premise SAP Apps

Most On-Premise SAP apps like SAP NetWeaver, SAP Fiori, SAP WebGUI, etc., might need proxy agents to be installed for SSO which makes deployment complex. miniOrange directly supports SAML 2.0 Protocols without requiring any proxy agent, and hence the deployment becomes much simpler. Also, our solution supports popular protocols, which means that SSO can be easily implemented for different SAP apps and other applications which your organization is using.

Key Features

  Agentless SAML Integration

  Supports All Known Protocols

SAP Without Proxy Agent


Simple & Lean Product

Employee productivity and efficiency increases with SSO since it saves time by not having to repeatedly log in to the application and getting an MFA prompt only when a robust authentication is needed.


Optimize your overall IT costs with Reduced IT Helpdesk Calls, Adherence to Compliance, and the flexible Pay as You Go feature. We provide the most competitive pricing in the IAM space.

Advanced Security

When you centralize the authentication with a single set of credentials, security automatically gets enhanced. Also, MFA with Risk-Based Authentication further advances the security posture.

Flexible Deployment

We provide an exclusive solution that supports fully on-premise deployment without having any dependency on external sources. On top of it, you can use our hassle-free integration with miniOrange Cloud & Hybrid IAM solution.

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