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IP Restriction

Restrict unwanted user access to crucial business data from unknown IP addresses.

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IP Restriction

What is IP Restriction?

IP Restriction Solution allows administrators or organization owners to limit access of their business data to only a specified and registered IP addresses range.

Once an IP restriction solution is enabled, Admins can specify which IP addresses have access to login into the employees’ accounts using IP restriction/limitations. If a user tries to log in outside the required range, it’ll throw an error and a specific employee/ user won’t be unable to login and access the info. Thus, Enabling IP restrictions ensures that your important data can’t be accessed at an unsecured public place or through an unregistered IP address.

There are 2 types of IP Addresses:

For corporate purposes, static IP addresses are suggested. This is because Dynamic IP keeps changing every time users login, and hence the admin needs to update the Ip addresses range/pool on a regular basis which is a repetitive tedious task.

How Does IP Restriction work?

When a user tries to login/access their account, the IP address of the login request is evaluated against the allow list by the IP Restriction solution. If the IP address is not on the list, the portal denies login request.
Administrators can choose one of the following actions depending on the IP address range of the requesting IP :


Allow access to a portal/data if requesting IP belongs to specified IP Addresses range.


Prompt user for 2FA (Challenging user login request to confirm user).


Deny access to a portal/data if Requesting IP does not belongs to specified IP Addresses range.

IP Restriction
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Benefits of IP Restriction

Improved Security

By restricting access to specific IP addresses, you can enhance the security of your sensitive data and resources.

Reduced cost

Implementing IP address restrictions can help reduce costs associated with managing access control.

Improved performance

IP address restrictions can help improve the performance of your network by reducing the amount of traffic allowed to access it.

Ease of use

Our IP Restriction solution can be used on any device supporting a web browser. The users are not required to install any additional software on their devices.

Scenarios where IP Restriction can be used

Allow access only in the office network

In order to ensure that your consoles are protected and only accessible by a certain network, it's crucial that only specific users are able to access them. Using IP Based Restriction, an organization can control user logins to allow users in that network to login only in the office network and block access from outside IP addresses.

Allow access only from specific IP addresses

The admin can configure an IP Restriction policy to allow users to log in only from specific whitelisted IP Addresses. Having only preapproved individuals access your network lowers your risk of encountering malware, viruses, or other cyber threats.

Restrict access based on applications or resources

The admin can configure IP Restriction policies for only specific applications instead of enabling them for all of the applications. The restriction of IP addresses enhances security by limiting access to sensitive data or resources to only authorized users.

Disable access from specific networks or IP addresses

TBusinesses handling sensitive data can enhance the security of company resources by restricting access to specific IP addresses or networks. IP restriction policy can be configured to disable access from specific IP addresses or networks using CIDR notation.

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