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SSO + MFA + Provisioning 
for Google Workspace

Get a ready-to-use IAM solution for Google Workspace and provide your users easy secure access with streamlined Identity and Access management, resulting in long-term cost benefits for your organization.

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Google SSO and 2FA solution for Applications

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Customers over the globe


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Single Sign-On

Get one-click secure access to your Google Workspace using a single username and password with the miniOrange’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure user identity with two or more authentication levels for your Google Workspace login.

Adaptive Authentication

Tighten security for your Google Workspace when the risk of a breach is higher with the Adaptive MFA.

User Provisioning

Provision Google Workspace Users (Create, update, delete and Sync) with any IDP, HR System or Database and streamline user management.

Google Workspace Single Sign-On

Google Workspace Single Sign-On (SSO) solution allows you to get secure access to Google Workspace and other integrated applications using single set of credentials. Google Workspace SSO allows easy, secure, and effortless login by creating a trust relationship between the Google Workspace (Service Provider) and Identity Provider (IdP). IDP can be miniOrange, Azure AD, Cognito, database, or any user store where your user data is maintained. Your login procedure can begin in one of two ways: IDP Initiated SSO or SP Initiated SSO.

Setup Guide

Key Features

  Unified SSO portal with multi language support

  Multiple IDP Support (AD, External IDP and Social Provider)

  Windows based authentication

Google Workspace SSO

Google Workspace MFA

Google Workspace MFA

Secure your Google Workspace application from password thefts using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with 15+ authentication methods provided by miniOrange. MFA solution prevents unauthorized users from accessing information and resources having a password alone as an authentication factor. Enabling the Google Workspace MFA solution on top of the Google Workspace SSO solution adds an additional layer of security ensuring only trusted users and devices get access to the Google Workspace.

Setup Guide

Key Features

  Role-Based MFA

  15+ MFA Methods (Push Notification, Hardware Token support)

  Passwordless Authentication

  Offline MFA Support

Azure AD as IDP

Azure AD



OneLogin as IDP


Okta as IDP


Connect to any SAML, OAuth/Open ID Identity Providers, Database, or Directory to enable SSO, MFA, and Provisioning in Google Workspace. See our Integration guides with the most popular providers.
Google Workspace as IDP

Google Workspace

Salesforce as IDP


AWS Cognito as IDP

AWS Cognito

Keycloak as IDP


Google Workspace Adaptive Authentication

Restrict access to Google Workspace login when the risk of a breach is higher with the Adaptive MFA solution which will authenticate users based on - IP, Device, Location, and Time of login. Adaptive Authentication provides an additional layer of MFA security based on the user’s risk profile, real-time circumstances, and access level set by the security admin. It also reduces the authentication load for Google Workspace users, as strong authentication is enforced only when required most. As a part of the Risk-based MFA feature, miniOrange uses a combination of IP Address, Device Id, Location, and Time of Access to detect and block fraud in real-time.

Setup Guide

Key Features

  Restrict access based on - IP, Device, Location, and Time

  Real time risk assessment

  Group and Role based Assignment

  Set granular access Security Policies

Google Workspace Adaptive

Google Workspace Provisioning

Google Workspace Provisioning

The Google Workspace Provisioning process guarantees that user accounts are created, updated, deleted, and granted appropriate access across your Google Workspace and integrated Identity Directories. Google Workspace provisioning and de-provisioning actions are bi-directional, so if you create accounts in a Google Workspace and import them into miniOrange, or create accounts in miniOrange and then push them to Google Workspace, or integrated Identity Source it syncs all the data. Furthermore, Automated User Provisioning automates all of these operations ensuring real-time sync and updates.

Setup Guide

Key Features

  Streamlined User Management (Import, Manage, and Sync)

  SCIM Gateway Support

  Directory and HR-Driven Provisioning

  Scheduled Provisioning


Increased Productivity

Employee productivity and efficiency increase since they save time by not having to repeatedly log in to the application and getting an MFA prompt only when a robust authentication is needed.

Improved security

Implementing Multi-FactorAuthentication with an extra edge of Adaptive MFA increases security and lessens the possibility of a hacker using a user's identity to gain access to the system thus protecting from security threats.

Safety and Compliance

Organizations need to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary security measures to secure sensitive data. To satisfy the criteria for data access and security risk protection, miniOrange IAM assists with security and regulatory compliance.

Pay As You Go

Spend less with a particular user tier plan with dedicated support. Pay only for the IAM feature your company security management requires the most.

Flexible IdP Integration

Manage user and group access without migrating users from the current user store. Various user stores, including Identity Provider, Active Directory (AD), databases, etc are supported by miniOrange.

Lowers IT costs

Reduced support calls for password resets, proper user access management, and the elimination of storing various records in multiple directories and environments all contribute to a reduction in the organization's overall security management cost.

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