RADIUS Authentication
miniOrange implements RADIUS protocol depending upon business scenarios using Side-By-Side, Include & Extend and Custom RADIUS.


RADIUS (Remote Authentication dial In User Service) is a networking protocol that provides client authentication, authorization, and accounting for the network. RFC standards 2865 and 2866 describe the RADIUS accounting, respectively.

RADIUS protocol is implemented by a number of severs including Free RADIUS, Steel Belted RADIUS etc.

A strong authentication server is one that protects applications and other network resources like Virtual desktop Infrastructures and Cisco VPN's etc.

It supports various authentication methods like password based, one time password etc.

If any RADIUS server is installed (to protect the access to a network) side by side to a strong authentication server (to protect the access to network resources), then it would be advantageous to integrate these two servers so that the end user can access the resources he needs by signing on once(Single Sign-on or SSO).

How does RADIUS Authentication work?

miniOrange can configure our Authentication product in three possible ways with your RADIUS server.

Recommendation - Depending on our Business Case, Go with a staged approach where we do option 1 or 2 in the short term and explore Option 3. In the mid to long term, implement Option 3.

RADIUS Integration with Active Directory

miniOrange has a lot of experience in implementing RADIUS Protocol and depending on Business Scenario can evaluate and implement one of these three options :

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