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How Can Customer Identity Drive Business Growth?

How to efficiently manage a huge & ever-growing customer base?

Join our interactive webinar on Customer Identity challenges that modern companies like yours face & the possible solutions to solve them effectively. Hear directly from one of our premium clients, Colibri on how they scaled from a 50K to 500K customer base with the miniOrange CIAM solution!


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Guest Speaker
Vijay Mandava
Senior Director
Colibri Group

Date: Thursday, 19th OCT 2023
Time: 11:00 am CDT (30 minutes)
Location: Zoho Meeting

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Why You Should Not Miss This Webinar??

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  “How Can Customer Identity Drive Business Growth?” is a series of    webinars covering real-life customer identity case studies.

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  Discover how miniOrange effectively assisted clients in   overcoming scalability challenges related to customer identity,   ultimately helping them develop long-lasting relationships.

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  81% of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying. Hence,   delivering seamless and secure customer journeys online is   paramount for modern business.

What Are The Key Takeaways For You?

  What do modern-day customers expect from today's    products?

   CIAM Build v/s Buy – What's the key difference?

   Top Customer Identity Challenges and their Solution.

  How does delivering a streamlined customer journey    lead to better ROI?

   How miniOrange help the Technology leaders with the    Business growth?

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