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Seamless CIAM solution for Al-Hussaini Trading BigCommerce Store

With miniOrange Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM solution), Al-Hussaini Trading simplified their user login/registration flow & delivered a seamless customer experience. Now, they do not have to worry about increasing identities and focus on growing business.


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They have everything you need for all kinds of Security and SSO Login methods


Al Hussaini Trading Company is considered one of the leading agents representing Swiss watch and jewelry brands in Saudi Arabia It all started with the Swiss brand Longines, later the company's brand portfolio expanded, by acquiring the finest and most well-known international brands.


Al-Hussaini was looking to upgrade their on-premise legacy eCommerce platform to a modern, cloud-based SaaS solution. Their key requirements included a seamless migration and an efficient login and registration system on the new platform – BigCommerce. Additionally, they aimed to modernize their user management to incorporate the latest integrations and enhance customer experience. This led them to explore a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution that integrated with BigCommerce and other common platforms. Here are the specific features they required:

Implementing a Second Factor for Authentication

miniOrange helped Al-Hussaini team to modernize their user authentication system while ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. Continue reading to understand how we aimed to integrate robust security measures without disrupting the user journey.

SSO Integration with BigCommerce

We connected BigCommerce with miniOrange for Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. This allowed users to access various services with a single set of credentials, simplifying the login process across platforms.

Custom User-Facing Pages

The user-facing pages for login, registration, and password reset were customized to align with Al-Hussaini's brand identity. This provided a cohesive and familiar look and feel for users during the authentication process.

Enhanced Registration Process

To capture more relevant user data, multiple custom fields were added to the registration process. This allowed Al-Hussaini to gather important information from their customers right from the start.

OTP-Based Verification

To combat SPAM registrations and ensure genuine user sign-ups, we implemented OTP (One-Time Password) based verification for all new registrations. This added an extra layer of security and maintained the integrity of the user database.

Social Media Login Integration

We began by integrating login options with Apple and Facebook into miniOrange. This provided users with convenient and familiar ways to access their accounts, enhancing user experience and reducing login friction.

Technical Challenge: In-Page Authentication via IFrames

The Al-Hussaini team expressed a strong preference for keeping users within the current experience, avoiding redirects to new login pages. To address this, we employed IFrames to integrate miniOrange's authentication capabilities directly into their existing BigCommerce login page. This modification allowed users to log in, register, and reset passwords without leaving the page, maintaining a seamless user experience.

Password Migration Solution

One of the significant challenges was migrating users from a legacy system to the new one without access to their existing passwords or password hashes. To overcome this, users were migrated without passwords. During their initial login to the new system, a flow was set up requiring them to reset their passwords. This ensured a smooth transition while maintaining security and user convenience.


The successful implementation of these solutions resulted in a robust, user-friendly authentication system for Al-Hussaini. Customers enjoyed a seamless experience with enhanced security features, while Al-Hussaini benefited from improved user data collection and reduced SPAM registrations. The integration with miniOrange provided a scalable and secure foundation for their future growth.

This project highlights our commitment to delivering tailored CIAM solution that meet our clients' specific needs while ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

A Unique High Availability Solution

“I wanted to set up Social Login and Mobile Login with OTP. I have completed the Social Login with them and the tech team is very cooperative and knowledgeable. In a sum, they improved our store and they are always helping whenever any problem occur. Highly recommend them. Soon we will do the 2FA with OTP for Mobile phone users (we will try to also do WhatsApp for OTP if didn't get delivered.) or as an additional to the social and regular login. I'm sure they are more than capable of delivering an excellent job. This review is after 2 years of having the service, so I can say with confidence they are very reliable and professional. Thank you and keep up the good work."

- Fahad M Al-Hussaini, E-commerce & Brand Manager.

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