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Customize MFA for end users

This is a step by step guide to customize and enroll MFA for end users.

Configuration Steps

  • To enable 2FA/MFA for VPN end-users, go to 2-Factor Authentication >> 2FA for end users.
  • Select default Two-Factor authentication method for end users. You can select particular 2FA methods, which you want to show on the end users dashboard.
  • Once Done with the settings, click on Save to configure your 2FA settings.
  • MFA/Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) for   Configure 2FA Panel

MFA Enrollment Steps

  • Once the users are imported, below steps should be followed to enroll 2fa for users.
  • Go to 2-Factor Authentication → 2FA Options for End Users.
  • Scroll down to Inline Registration 2FA.
  • Enable the option Enforce users to set up their 2FA Method on First Login.
  • MFA/2FA Two-Factor Authentication for

  • Click on Save.
  • The end user would login into their End-User Dashboard using the end user login URL.
  • For Cloud Version: The Login URL for end users will be available after setting up Organization name.
  • (You can follow these steps and use the login URL present in the Branding section.)

    MFA/Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) for  Cloud and On-Premise end-users Login URL

  • For On-Premise version: The Login URL will be the same as of Admin Login URL.
  • After logging in with the correct credentials for the first time, the end user would be prompted to setup their 2FA method.
  • MFA/2FA Two-Factor Authentication for

  • Configure any 2FA method that you want. You can explore the guide to setup 2FA methods here .
  • After successfully configuring the 2FA, the end user would be prompted for the setting up Security Question as the alternate MFA method.
  • Configure the Security Questions and click on Save.
  • MFA/2FA Two-Factor Authentication for

  • To prevent the end users from configuring Security Questions as the alternate MFA method, go to Setup 2FA → 2FA Options for End Users.
  • Enable the option Skip Alternate Login Method (KBA) Configuration during Inline Registration.
  • MFA/2FA Two-Factor Authentication for

  • Click on Save.

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