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miniOrange Authentication Service-Docker


  • This document assumes that you already have a working installation of docker.
  • This document also assumes that you will be working in a *nix-like environment.
  • This document will guide you through the processes and steps required to deploy the On-premise version of the miniOrange Authentication Service.

You must have received a Dockerfile along with this document. This will help you to create/build a Docker Image.

Creating and Managing the Docker Image

Building your Docker Image

  • Create a "moas" folder in "~" root directory.
  • Download the latest build using the below command
    wget https://prod-marketing-site.s3.amazonaws.com/idp/on-premise/releases/zip-distribution/mo-idp-server-3.7.zip
  • Copy Dockerfile and zip files into the "moas" folder.
  • Rename the zip file to mo-idp-server-3.7.zip via this command.
    mv mo-idp-server-3.7.zip mo-idp-server.zip
  • Then build the Docker image using the below command.
    docker build -t miniorange/mo-idp-server-3.7 ~/moas --no-cache".

Running the image in a docker container

  • After image creation, switch to the "moas" folder (/root/moas).
  • Unzip the "mo-idp-server-3.7" file.
  • Rename the inflated folder to "mo-idp-server".
  • Now, run the following command:
    chmod +x /root/moas/mo-idp-server/bin/*.sh
  • Create a "logs" directory inside "mo-idp-server" folder.
  • Then, execute this command:
    docker run -v /root/moas/mo-idp-server:/usr/share/mo-idp-server --net=bridge --name moas -p 9090:8080 -d miniorange/mo-idp-server-3.7

Connecting to your docker container

  • You can connect with the container using the value used with --name parameter that was specified while running the docker container.
    docker exec -it moas bash
    moas is the --name parameter.

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