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Secure pfSense
with MFA/2FA solution

Add an additional layer of MFA/2FA security to your pfSense access and secure your user identity and critical organizational data.

  Cloud and On-Premise: Host-based on your choice

  No separate Radius Proxy Module installation is required

  Select from over 15+ MFA methods

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pfSense OpenVPN MFA

pfSense MFA User Experience

miniOrange seamlessly integrates with pfSense, simplifying the setup of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security. This integration ensures a secure and seamless remote access connection while preventing unauthorized users from gaining access.

To enable MFA/2FA for pfSense login, users input their username and password (first factor) as usual. Additionally, they enter an authentication code (the second factor) using options like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, OTP over SMS/Email, Push Notification, and more.

  • No separate Radius Proxy Module installation is required, ensuring a streamlined setup process.
  • Effortlessly integrates with various Directories such as Active Directory, Azure AD, OpenLDAP, and more.
  • miniOrange offers the option for Local authentication thus avoiding the need for any external directories
  • Set MFA over specific groups and roles for granular access control.
  • Comprehensive audit features to check audits and monitor user activities for enhanced security.


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Why Adapting pfSense MFA is Important?

Enhances Security by reducing hacker access to corporate accounts/ devices.

Fulfills regulatory compliance requirements, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to corporate accounts & sensitive data.

Lower management costs result from decreased suspicious activity on confidential accounts, cutting security expenses.

Prevents fraud from attacks like phishing & credential theft, boosting end-user trust.

miniOrange: Empowering Diverse Industries
with Robust MFA Solutions

United States Department of Homeland Security
Dubai World Trade Centre
National Crime Agency - United Kingdom
Rwanda Revenue Authority
DBS Bank


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per user per month
upto 50 Users



per user per month
upto 50 Users

*Please contact us to get volume discounts for higher user tiers.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods supported by miniOrange

SMS & Phone Callback

Authenticator Apps

miniOrange Authenticator

Email Verification

Hardware Token

Security Questions


SMS & Phone Callback

Receive a text on your mobile with the information required to validate yourself for the second factor.

Authenticator Apps

Receive a time based OTP token (TOTP) by an external authentication app such as Google, Microsoft and Authy authenticator.

miniOrange Authenticator

Use the miniOrange authenticator to login in the form of a soft token, push notification or QR code.

Email Verification

MFA using login links and password keys on your registered email address.

Hardware Token

Use a physical USB token on your computer, which generates the required information to gain access.

Security Questions

Answer a few knowledge based security questions which are only known to you to authenticate yourself.


It uses built-in authentication methods like laptop password or pin, mobile, Windows Hello, Biometrics (FaceID/fingerprint), and Hardware Tokens.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today and have all your questions answered. Experience a live demo, explore pricing details, and resolve any integration concerns regarding your pfSense MFA setup!

miniOrange's Unique Proposition

OpenVPN Two Factor Authentication pfSense: Best MFA Solution with Quick Deployment

Quick Deployment

Choose between Cloud, On-premise, or Hybrid deployments & deploy miniOrange pfSense MFA in under 30 minutes, with easy setup and video resources, plus a free 1-hour consultation call with the System Engineer.

OpenVPN Two Factor Authentication pfSense: Exceptional MFA Support for free

Exceptional Support

Benefit from 10+ years of customer-centric support in MFA/2FA, rated best for the last three consecutive years by multiple analyst platforms.

OpenVPN Two Factor Authentication pfSense: Seamless MFA Integration

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate MFA/2FA into your existing setup with miniOrange. Our compatibility spans a broad spectrum of devices and platforms, all accompanied by a user-friendly interface for straightforward setup and management.

pfSense OpenVPN Two Factor Authentication: Competitive MFA pricing

Competitive Pricing

Competitive MFA pricing, allowing you to save up to 30% compared to other vendors. This ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the solution.

pfSense OpenVPN Two Factor Authentication: miniOrange mfa risk free trial

Risk-Free Trial

Test miniOrange MFA in your pfSense environment with a 30-day free trial and Proof of Concept. This allows you to evaluate the solution's compatibility, functionality, and effectiveness before committing.

Our customers love us and here's proof !

  We are one of the highest rated Identity & Access Management softwares on Gartner Peer Insights.

   We have been ranked #1 on G2 for Best Estimated ROI, Best Support & High Performer multiple years in a row.

  Our presence on Gartner Digital Markets extends from Capterra to Software Advice and GetApp with great reviews all over.

Single Sign-On (SSO) solution recognized by Capterra
pfSense OpenVPN MFA: G2 Best ROI 23
pfSense OpenVPN MFA: G2 Best Support 23
pfSense OpenVPN MFA: G2 Hight Performer 23
pfSense OpenVPN MFA: G2 Users most likely to recommend 23
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