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What is Shared Login into Thinkific?

Thinkific is a user-friendly, reliable, and feature-packed LMS platform for creating and delivering engaging online courses and tracking student progress and performance. Many course creators who upload their courses on Thinkific are facing the issue of students sharing their Thinkific login credentials with their friends to access courses on Thinkific LMS.

What happens is that you have created a course for individual students, but a group of students is accessing course materials from the login credentials of a single student, and you are incurring a loss of potential revenue. This is malpractice by students which is affecting the business of online course creators. But don’t worry, there is a way to tackle this problem! We will give you multiple solutions to different use cases generated out of this situation.

How to Prevent Shared Login into Thinkific Courses?

Setup 2FA for Thinkific

Thinkific Device Restriction

Enable Thinkific Device Restriction

In this Risk-Based Authentication method, you can set the number of devices you want to allow for a particular student to grant access to your Thinkific course. Even if a student shares their credentials with multiple other students, they won’t be able to access your course from their devices. Each device has a unique ID, and only the registered device(s) will be allowed access. This will completely eliminate the problem of shared login that course creators are facing on Thinkific.

Setup Thinkific Device Restriction

More Restriction-Based Methods for Thinkific Access

IP Restriction

With IP Restriction enabled, students will be able to access the Thinkific course from configured IPs only and anyone who tries to access from a different IP will be denied access as per the policies set by admin.

Location Restriction

Enable Location-based restriction if you want students from a particular location (can range from a city to a country) to access Thinkific courses. Anyone user login attempt from a different location will be denied access. You can also restrict user login from specific countries as well.

Time Restriction

Enable Time-based restrictions to allow students to access the Thinkific courses only during a certain duration or time window. Access will be denied to those who try to access before or beyond the time window set by the admin.

Why Choose the miniOrange Solution for Thinkific?

Thinkific SSO & MFA Solution

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