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1. Supports all standard Protocols for SSO

Unlike Jumpcloud, miniOrange offers SSO and MFA for over 4000+ Pre-Integrated apps that can be set up in a matter of minutes, and supports all industry-standard protocols such as SAML, Oauth, JWT, Radius, LDAP and many others

With miniOrange, you can easily enable SSO for both Workforce and Customer Identity across numerous apps within a basic plan. You can integrate with any app with all modern protocols like SAML, OAuth/Open ID, JWT, and TACACS.

2. Effective Pricing

In comparison to JumpCloud ($11/u/m) pricing for the IAM solution, miniOrange offers the greatest in-house price for its SSO/MFA solution, as well as the best features and support.

miniOrange cracks the pricing part as it has the most reasonable per-user rate for Workforce IAM solutions. For customer-specific IAM services, miniOrange maintains a tier-based structure which includes affordable pricing for user authentication.

3. No cap on user or device limit during Trial

miniOrange free trial allows users unrestricted access to all features without any user cap and offers end-to-end free support along with setup call and POC during the trials, unlike Jumpcloud where the free trial account is limited to 10 users and devices on free trials with professional support extending only for 10 days after signup.

4. Dedicated Focused Support (24*7)

miniOrange has a dedicated customer experience support team to ensure every customer interaction is of the highest level. Each call is routed directly to experienced technical engineers, so calls are resolved quickly without having to navigate time-consuming and sometimes frustrating faceless chatbots.

We strive to maintain continuity in customer communications by routing calls to engineers who have previously worked with the customer. This provides a greater perspective and a deeper understanding of the customer environment to ensure optimum call closure times and customer satisfaction. Along with providing high levels of support, and working closely with our experienced development team, customers often benefit from our unique consultative service regarding solving business issues.

5. Completed support for cloud or On-premise hosting

Unlike Jumpcloud’s IAM Solution, which is a cloud based solution with limited support for on-Premise Applications, miniorange’s IAM solution can also be hosted on cloud and as well as On-premise service.

With the on-premise solution, the IDP will be hosted on your servers and all the data will be stored in your intranet which cannot be accessed by anyone outside the company. Most government and enterprise customers have it mandatory to set up an on-premise solution due to the regulations and compliances. The on-premise solution gives you an option for having a high availability active-active or active-passive setup. You can set up the solution in your DC and DR to have proper business continuity policies in place. You can also host the solution on our private cloud for your organization.

With the option to choose hosting as per requirements, users can select the best suited option to regulatory compliance and security risk protection requirements as per requirements.

6. Identity brokering - no need to Migrate user to Enable SSO

With miniOrange IAM Service, organizations can connect multiple service providers like Active Directory, Azure AD, Database, Radius, etc., or with any other identity provider (IdP), irrespective of the SSO protocol supported by the individual application or service provider.

The authentication is done through your existing identity source and hence your users and sensitive data do not have to migrate to any other platform. This allows the organization’s users to authenticate and Single Sign-On (SSO) without moving into miniOrange. Thus making it a hassle-free process and users can use the same username password for logging into the applications.


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