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Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution adds a strong layer of security to your regular authentication to ensure secure access to all Enterprise apps like Legacy, On-Premise, and SaaS.

  Choose from 15+ MFA Methods like OTP Over Phone/SMS, Authenticator apps, etc.

  Protect your network devices like VPNs, Firewalls, Routers, etc.

  Secure your Active Directory, Windows, Linux, & Mac login access.

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Best Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Security

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to critical enterprise resources and applications on the cloud or on-premise. MFA is a core component of a strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy, which prevents unauthorized access and cyber-attacks.

Examples of MFA Use-Cases

Enable MFA Security for VPN with VPN MFA solution

Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in VPNs using tactics like stolen credentials, malware, weak passwords, and social engineering. By implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for VPNs, you can significantly reduce unauthorized access and breach of privacy.

miniOrange VPN MFA supports:

  • All leading global VPNs like Cisco, Pal Alto, Fortinet, etc.
  • All RADIUS Protocols: CHAP, PAP, etc.
  • Effortless Integration (No Separate Radius Proxy Module Needed)
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miniOrange provides Windows MFA solutions and also for OS systems like Linux & MAC

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a powerful solution to fortify the security of Windows, RDP, Linux, and MacOS platforms. The miniOrange MFA module seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web), ensuring MFA access. The MFA implementation isn't restricted to Windows—it also spans to Linux and MacOS.

  • Offline MFA with tokens and authenticator apps
  • Tailor MFA policies for different requirements
  • Secure non-domain joined machines
  • Supports cross-domain and Windows local accounts
Explore Windows MFA

miniOrange Identity Federation provides MFA Security for all SaaS apps

miniOrange MFA solution safeguards various application types — Cloud, On-Premises, & In-House, while supporting all authentication protocols like SAML, Radius, Open ID, and JWT. Replace outdated password-based authentication with modern MFA security. Even if your custom app built on PHP, .NET, React, Angular, or Node.js, lacks support for standard protocols, miniOrange seamlessly integrates MFA, enhancing security across your app landscape.

  • Passwordless Authentication
  • Role Based MFA
  • User Self Enrollment
Explore Cloud MFA

MFA Security for Routers & Switches

Implement MFA security for firewalls, switches, routers, and other network devices with the miniOrange MFA solution that extends beyond VPNs, and fortifies your entire corporate network. Leverage Radius & TACACS protocols with miniOrange to encrypt switches and routers based on your network's hardware capabilities and add Multi-Factor Authentication to enhance the security posture.

  • Centrally secure all your network devices
  • MFA is deployed without requiring any external proxy
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Secure Legacy Apps like Oracle, IBM, Qlik & SAP with the miniOrange MFA solution.

Safeguard valuable historical data and meet compliance requirements with MFA services and secure legacy applications like Oracle EBS, QlikView, PeopleSoft, & Siebel CRM. Our advanced Multi-Factor Authentication solution seamlessly integrates with these legacy systems, delivering modern security without operational disruptions.

Explore MFA for Legacy Apps

Empowering 20k+ Customers Globally

Unique Features of the MFA Solution

miniOrange MFA solution provides User Self Enrollment Feature

Simplified User Enrollment

  • The user self-enrollment feature makes MFA Implementation fast & easy.
  • Users can seamlessly sign up from the miniOrange user-friendly self-enrollment portal.
  • They can choose their preferred MFA method from the list of options approved by the admin.
  • Admins can prompt users for self-enrollment in their first login rather than manually provisioning them.

Passwordless MFA For Workforce Productivity

  • Remove password management hassle for your employees juggling between multiple work apps daily.
  • Enable users to securely access apps and resources without requiring passwords.
  • Ensure seamless user login via alternate methods like Microsoft/Google Authenticator, Push Notification, OTP Verification, Biometrics, etc.
Explore Passwordless MFA
Passwordless MFA login method

Enable Adaptive Authentication/Conditional Access for Enhanced MFA Security

Advanced MFA Security With Conditional Access

  • Protects 99.9% of accounts from getting hacked during high-risk scenarios.
  • Apply IP, Location, Device & Time-based Restrictions.
  • Trigger responses such as Allow, Challenge MFA, or Deny.
  • Analyzes user behavior and contextual factors for correct threat response.
  • Set custom adaptive policies as per your company’s unique needs.
Explore Adaptive MFA

Better Reporting & Compliance Support

  • Stay informed on all user logins via Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Robust tools at your fingertips: session management & user monitoring, user login audit, user and admin activity reports, etc.
  • Trigger responses such as Allow, Challenge MFA, or Deny.
  • Get complete reports on all user activities in a single dashboard.
  • Comply with international regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and others.
Explore Supported Compliance
Active Usage Report on MFA login & User Activity

Flexible Deployment Options

Identity solutions from miniOrange can be easily deployed in your organization's existing environment.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods supported by miniOrange

SMS & Phone Callback

Authenticator Apps

miniOrange Authenticator

Email Verification

Hardware Token

Security Questions

SMS & Phone Callback

Receive a text on your mobile with the information required to validate yourself for the second factor.

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Authenticator Apps

Receive a time based OTP token (TOTP) by an external authentication app such as Google/Microsoft authenticator.

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miniOrange Authenticator

Use the miniOrange authenticator to login in the form of a soft token, push notification or a QR code.

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Email Verification

MFA using login links and password keys on your registered email address.

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Hardware Token

Use a physical USB token into your computer, which generated the required information to gain access.

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Security Questions

Answer a few knowledge based security questions which are only known to you to authenticate yourself.

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MFA Solution

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Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Build Strong User Trust

Implementing MFA Security boosts trust among employees, customers, and partners by preventing unauthorized access and ensuring privacy protection.

Reduce IT Management Costs

MFA reduces security breaches and IT helpdesk calls by removing password-related vulnerabilities, hence, minimizing the workload on security teams.

More Flexibility & Productivity

Make login flexible and easy for your users with 15+ MFA methods to choose from. Custom MFA policies improve user productivity along with robust security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will miniOrange MFA integrate with our organization’s existing SMS or Email gateways?

Yes, our solution supports external and in-house SMS or Email gateways as well. We also have our own miniOrange gateway, which you can leverage in case you don’t have any existing gateway.

Is there an option to customize the email templates for the Email verification method?

In the miniOrange dashboard, admins can modify existing email templates or add a custom email template for the Email verification method. You can personalize the user experience with your branding on login pages, email templates, etc.

Can we set up 2fa while onboarding users?

Admins can easily set up 2FA methods during user onboarding from the 15+ MFA methods supported by miniOrange. You can also prompt users to set up 2FA during their first login. The 2FA methods for different users or user groups can be easily managed from the miniOrange dashboard.

Does miniOrange MFA integrate with the already existing authentication mechanism?

If your organization is using an in-house authentication mechanism or any third-party authentication system, then miniOrange can enable MFA using custom connectors which can work smoothly with your existing authentication setup.

What are the types of MFA Authentication Methods?

Knowledge Factor (something you know): Knowledge factors include multiple passwords, PIN codes, and answers to security questions. Anything you can remember, type, say, do, execute, or otherwise recall when needed is considered a knowledge element.
Possession Factor (something you have): This factor suggests that you possess a particular physical object that a hacker would not acquire. This category includes smart cards, mobile phones, physical tokens, key fobs, and keychains.
Inherence Factor (something you are): The Inherence factor might include something that is a part of or unique to your physical body like a fingerprint, a retinal test, voice or facial recognition, or any other sort of biometrics. As the name suggests, it is something that a person inherits.

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