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SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)
miniOrange provides a secure Single Sign-On (SSO) solution that allows user to login to their apps using existing IDP credentials by SAML Authentication.
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miniOrange Identity Broker

Perform SSO between IDP and SP supporting different protocol with miniorange Identity broker Services.

No need to understand complex SSO Protocols

Easy to perform SSO with any Identity provider

Provides stable, fast and secure 24/7 access to your online service

Identity Broker

Identity broker provides an intermediate service to perform single sign-on (sso) between identity provider and service provider. Identity brokering is a way through which you can create a link between your providers following different protocols. Not every user knows how protocols like SAML, OpenID, OAUTH or CAS works and where they can be used, in that case it gets complicated to implement such protocols and it is also expensive and time consuming.

miniOrange Identity Broker can integrate any type of app following any standard protocol like SAML, OpenID, OAUTH or CAS.Identity Broker service hides all the complexity of these protocols and the only thing you need to know is how to call an HTTPs endpoint which is very much simpler than understanding all these different standards. miniOrange Identity Broker connects all known SPs and IDPs like ADFS, Okta, salesforce, SimpleSamlPhp, Shibboleth, PING, RSA, Centrify, One Login, miniOrange or any other SSO identities.

miniOrange Identity Broker 

identity broker

Identity Broker Features

Supports cross protocol

It supports Cross Protocol i.e.you can configure any Service Provider following a particular protocol with an Identity Provider following some different protocol.

Easy implementation

No need to understand or implement complex SSO protocols like SAML, OpenID, OpenID Connect, WS Feed, OAuth, or any other. Instead, you can just call the HTTPs endpoints.

Configure any IDP

You can configure any IDP of your choice including OKTA, PING, RSA, Centrify, Google, Facebook, Linkedin and even a customized one.

How miniOrange comes into Act as Identity Broker?

So, we’ll be seeing how miniOrange provides its broker services. Earlier we have seen how identity broker works and provides a platform where we can configure Service Providers and Identity Providers following different protocols.To better understand how Identity Broker works, we'll consider some of the examples and see how it goes.

Authenticate mobile apps through ADFS using JWT Tokens

Taking ADFS as our IDP which supports SAML protocol and an external application “Cordova”, we’ll authenticate our mobile application through ADFS using JWT Tokens. miniOrange solution allows you to login to your mobile app with ADFS.

Configure OAuth Provider with apps supporting different protocols

Using our Identity Broker service, you can configure any OAuth Provider that supports OAuth to Single Sign-On (SSO) into apps that support other protocols such as SAML, OpenID Connect, JWT, and so on. 

Setup AD as User Store & configure any app

You can configure any IDP like AD, OpenDS, which supports LDAP to single sign-on into apps which don’t support any protocol or support protocols like OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT, etc. for single sign-on.

What is SAML?

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML standard that allows secure web domains communication of identities and organization. SAML is a framework for exchanging user authentication and authorization data. Using SAML, a service provider can contact a separate identity provider to authenticate users who are trying to access secure content.

The SAML specification defines three roles:

How SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO) works?

The most use case addressed by SAML is web browser SSO. SAML SSO works by transferring a users identity from one place(identity provider) to another(service provider) by exchanging the digitally signed XML documents. Let's assume the user is in the SSO environment and act as an identity provider where he wants to log in to a remote application(the service provider).

SAML SSO Workflow

Why use SAML SSO?

The Benefits of integrating SSO with SAML are:

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