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SSO & MFA Into 
Legacy Application

Solution that extends modern authentication for users into enterprise legacy applications, allowing users to login using the same username and password across both, modern and legacy applications.

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Legacy Apps SSO & MFA

Need for extending Single Sign-On (SSO) to Legacy Application

Traditional Web application, more commonly referred to as Legacy application pre-date the modern Authentication schemas and use WAM System to manage authentication and authorisation. Hence modern SSO protocols like SAML, Oauth, OpenID protocols cannot be used to manage authentication and enable SSO into these applications.
Our SSO Solution acts as intermediate between the Legacy Authentication schema and Modern authentication schema to enable SSO for both Application types using a single set of login credentials.

What Do We Offer?

Adopting Standards

Embracing SSO standards such as SAML for application access helps maintain IT architecture flexible.

Enhanced protection

Verify user identity with multiple authentication factors like MFA, IP Restriction, threat detection and password blacklists.

Host your users anywhere

Users hosted in Enterprise Directory like Azure AD, Office365, Google Apps or any 3rd party providers using SAML, OAuth, Database, APIs etc.

Secure and Extensible

With 5000+ applications already and growing, scale up the adaption of applications without any hassle.

Supports Cross Protocol

Integrate Cross Protocol Single Sign On which supports SAML, OAuth, OpenId Connect, JWT, etc.

Remove Redundancy

By fully exploiting the features of IdaaS, legacy WAM providers can be completely eliminated from the environment.

Our Unified Solution

miniOrange IAM opens up your Legacy Applications to modern authenticaton & authorization schemes by acting as a bridge between your Enterprise Authentication Solution & your Legacy Applications that support only HTTP Header-based authentication.

Legacy Apps Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

Legacy Apps MFA

Add second layer of security

With miniorange you can extend the additional layer of authetication to the leagacy applications, and prompt users to pass secondary authtntication before allowing them to access the comany ressources.

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"As a new government agency in charge of a massive untapped market, security against data breaches and hacking is critical for the organization's smooth operation, as is protecting the data of its employees and contractors. As a result..."

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