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Single Sign-On for
Native or Mobile Apps

miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) for mobile or native applications allows enterprises to securely enable single sign-on to any mobile app on-demand. Using any Cloud Identity provider of your choice, setup unified sso solution across all mobile apps and channels.

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Mobile Apps Integrations with IDP

Why Mobile SSO is a necessity today?

Mobile single sign-on (sso) is a leading security practice whenever it can be implemented for a workforce. It has become common for enterprise applications, but it has seen limited uptake in consumer-facing services. It’s becoming slightly more popular with apps that act as password holders, but they rely on the device storing and processing passwords, which can be dangerous if the device is lost or stolen. This also creates a clear risk for passwords to be stolen on the mobile device. Whether it comes to android or IOS applications, miniOrange aims to help businesses with the all-important aspects of mobile authentication for Android and iOS SDKs. miniOrange mobile SDKs can optimize your bandwidth usage when communicating with the APIs' using automatic data compressions. miniOrange mobile SDK libraries also have built-in flows for all APIs, which will save your time from building the core registration and login workflows.


Support for all IdPs & User Stores

Enable SSO from any existing Identity Provider or User Store for you mobile App. No Need to onboard users separately. With miniOrange SSO solution you can connect to IDPs or User stores like Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory, Active Directory, Database etc.

Support for Multiple IdP & User Stores

Some solution will only allow you to conect to 1 IdP or 1 User Store at a time. miniOrange provides a centralized way to connect seamlessly to multiple IdPs and User Stores without the hassle of making changes to your code.

IP & Device Restriction

Remember personal devices or restrict users to login from specific IPs providing additional security to the accounts.

Multiple Factor Authentication

Enable MFA / 2FA for all of your users while logging into your mobile app irrespective of which user store or IdP they choose. We offer support for 15+ MFA methods (this can be a link) like OTP over SMS & Email, Google Authenticator, Authy Authenticator, Push Notification, Soft Token etc.

User Sync

Manage your users at a central location. No need to manage users in multiple apps and locations. With miniOrange you will have the option to auto provision the users into your mobile app at runtime.

Role Based Access

Allow relevant access to relevant people. With miniOrange RBAC you will be able to decide which users and group of users have access to the right set of apps on the basis of their roles.

Mobile & Desktop apps
that runs natively on devices

Native SSO allows you to protect native applications, such as mobile apps & desktop apps, and achieve Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Logout (SLO) between these apps. Unlike web applications, native applications can't use web cookies, therefore miniOrange offers a token-based approach to achieve SSO between native applications.


Angular JS






Node JS

Node Js


Seamless User Experience

Give students, teachers, alumni, and employees a simple online experience while minimizing queries related to authentication.

Manage users with ease

Add or remove users with just a few clicks, As you have to make changes in only one user directory rather than multiple sources.

Reduced support cost

Remembering fewer passwords means reducing support dependency and thus reducing the cost of support.


With support to 5000+ applications (Zoom, LMS apps, etc) already and growing, Scale-Up or Scale-Down adaption of applications without any hassle.

Platform Independent

Seamless access over all devices supporting a web browser which gives students, teachers, alumni, and employees hassle free experience on any platform.

User Life-cycle Management

Easily manage user life-cycle with the transition of a user from one group to another. e.g. Student to Alumni, Undergraduate to Postgraduate.

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