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  IAM service performs MAC address filtering before allowing users to continue login.

  Checks the MAC address of each device.

  Access is granted or denied based on the device's MAC address.

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The Problem: Cybersecurity Concerns for Mac Systems

Solution: The Need for Mac Filtering

What is Mac-Filtering?

Mac filtering, also known as MAC-based restriction or MAC address-based restriction, is a network security method that controls access to a network by filtering devices based on their unique Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. Each network-connected device, such as computers, smartphones, or routers, has a distinct MAC address as a hardware identifier.
Mac filtering allows administrators to list approved or disallowed MAC addresses. Devices with MAC addresses on the approved list are granted access to the network, while those on the disallowed list are blocked. This approach adds an additional layer of security by permitting only authorized devices to connect, helping to prevent unauthorized access and enhance network protection.

Unveiling the MAC Filtering Features

MAC Address Verification

Our Risk Engine verifies the MAC address of each device during the login. It identifies devices based on their MAC addresses before allowing network access.

Whitelist and Blacklist

MAC restriction maintains a whitelist for authorized devices and a blacklist for unauthorized ones based on the MAC addresses of these devices.

Gatekeeper Function

It serves as a gatekeeper for your environment, by permitting access for whitelisted devices.

Benefits of MAC filtering

Enhanced Network Security

MAC filtering/ MAC restriction acts as a robust access control measure, allowing organizations to restrict network access to authorized devices only. This ensures that only company-owned devices or approved partner devices can connect to the corporate network, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

Vendor & Partner Management

MAC filtering enables companies to manage vendor and partner access more effectively. By configuring MAC filters for specific partner devices, businesses can ensure that only authorized vendors or partners with approved devices can access their corporate network, safeguarding sensitive corporate data and resources.

Adaptive Authentication Methods by miniOrange

Risk-Based Authentication through configuring IP Restriction

IP Restriction

In Mac's IP-based restriction, the admin manages a list of approved or blocked IP addresses. When a user tries to log in, their IP address is checked against the predefined list of IP addresses.

Risk-Based Authentication based on Geo location

Device-Based Restriction

In Mac-based device restrictions, administrators grant end-users the capability to associate a fixed number of trusted devices with their accounts.

  • MAC-Based Restriction : Users can only access devices whose MAC IDs have been configured within the Adaptive Authentication policy.
  • Mobile Device Restriction : Administrators can activate Mobile Device Restriction, which prevents users from accessing requested resources through their mobile devices.
Risk-Based Authentication Device Restriction - limit device count

Geo Location restriction

End-users are either granted/denied access based on their geographical location data, like latitude, longitude, and country code, which is verified against the administrator's predefined Location list.

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