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A Complete MFA Setup for 
VPN, Windows & Office 365

  Implement MFA Setup for Multiple VPNs like Cisco Meraki, SonicWall, Fortinet, and more.

  Enable Windows MFA for all applications running on Windows systems.

  Seamless SSO for Windows Apps on domain-joined machines using AD Credentials.

  Provision & Auto-Sync Users from Active Directory to miniOrange.

  Complete IAM solution for Office 365 across On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid environments.

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Singapore-Based Bank Improved Their Security Posture With VPN MFA Solution

miniOrange helped Singaporean multinational banking corporation to secure their VPN connections by deploying an on-premise VPN MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication solution which restricted unauthorized access to their VPN. This second factor supplemented their existing LDAP directory credentials. miniOrange MFA setup provides 15+ authentication methods such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Soft token, OTP over SMS/Email, etc. The solution works with multiple VPNs, User-Stores, Directories, IDPs, etc., which ensures easy and seamless deployment.

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Key Features

  Works with multiple VPNs

  Choose from 15+ MFA Methods

  On-Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Deployment Options


Windows Multi-Factor Authentication

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) & Adaptive MFA Solution For Saudi Govt Agency

This Saudi Arabian Government Agency wanted to add an extra security step for its external users and simplify the login experience for its internal users. They leveraged miniOrange's Adaptive MFA solution for their on-premise Windows systems for external users to strengthen security and Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) module to enable seamless Single Sign-On on their Domain Joined systems to boost workforce productivity.

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Key Features

  SSO using AD Credentials

  Seamless SSO on Domain Joined systems

  Adaptive MFA setup based on IP, Time, Device & Location Factors

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Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco AnyConnect





Enable SSO, MFA, and Provisioning for your Windows apps, Office 365 apps, and for popular VPNs. Install our pre-built integrations with a single click and effortlessly enable all IAM capabilities. See our popular integration guides.








Office 365 SSO & MFA solution For a Biotech Company

miniOrange deployed the Office 365 SSO & MFA solution for an innovation-driven Biotechnology company, which enabled secure login to Microsoft and Valgensis applications using the existing Active Directory (AD) credentials. miniOrange also installed a Gateway in the DMZ zone to securely connect to the Active Directory Server and keep the AD and the miniOrange IDP in sync. The company was able to cut down on its IT costs and spend less time and resources on IT security management issues.

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Key Features

  SSO & MFA & Provisioning for Office 365

  Supports Active Directory as IDP

  Enforce MFA for Offline Devices

Microsoft SSO and 2FA solution for Applications


Increased Productivity

Simplify login and boost workforce productivity with Single Sign-On and Windows auto-login. Remove password management hassles and embrace seamless access.

Upgrade Security

Improved your organization's security with Multi-Factor Authentication and Adaptive MFA, and make it nearly impossible for hackers to gain unauthorized access.

Safety and Compliance

Protect your sensitive data and comply with international regulations. miniOrange IAM assists organizations with security and regulatory compliance.

Pay As You Go

Pay only for the IAM feature that is essential for your company's security management needs. Optimize your expenses with our user-tier subscription plans.

Comply with Cyber Insurance

Our tailored solutions ensure compliance with Cyber Insurance regulations, qualifying your organization for policies with better coverage and lower premiums.

Lowers IT costs

Witness reduced support calls for password resets, improved user access management, and lower IT costs. You won’t need multiple directories and environments.

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Awesome product for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) into Office 365, exchange and Gitlab, convenient to setup and easy to use.

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