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Why should you choose miniOrange over Auth0?

Auth0 and miniOrange are two of the most widely used identity and access management platforms. Both provide identity management by restricting access to illegitimate entrants with the appropriate passwords and identification.
This differentiating document is based on our experience and customer feedback across many platforms (G2, Capterra, Gartner Peer Insights), which depict how miniOrange is the best Auth0 alternative compared to other IAM providers.

Auth0 v/s miniOrange | Everything you need to know before purchasing their services.

What is Auth0?

A set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enables Single Sign-On and user management to all your applications. In other words, Auth0 covers the "User Management and Authentication" category in security.

What is miniOrange?

miniOrange as an identity management system is an all-in-one platform for securing & managing your apps, users & devices. The built-in integration tools can work with more than 5,500 third-party apps (AWS, G Suite, Zendesk, and Office 365 are some examples). miniOrange also supports JWT Protocol, which helps in calling API to integrate easily with any other third-party app.

Integrations are easy to configure, monitored at all times, proactively repaired, and managed.

Let’s dig deeper into comparing the features of these Platforms

Who provides the better solution for any use case?

  1. 1. SSO, MFA for legacy Apps and unique Integrations

  2. miniOrange provides unique proxy connectors for SSO , MFA , provisioning , and access management into legacy applications like Oracle EBS, SAP applications, etc. Achieve seamless experience with header-based SSO.Eliminate the requirement for multiple heavy, expensive and traditional components to enable SSO and MFA for these applications. Use a single: easy to use and easy to setup component to achieve all the required use cases for the business requirements. Thus saving you time and money. miniOrange provides a true highly available connector setup for these applications.

    With Auth0, the gateway is supported with traditional setups and hence does not eliminate the need for traditional setup and increases the complexities in the infrastructure. Auth0 platform is majorly about User Identity and Password verification support along with Integration with Social Providers.Average support of SAML features, but a clear focus on OAuth 2.0.

    Auth0 has a limitation to the user lifecycle management capabilities. There are no out-of-box integrations with standard applications, and you might need to use third-party applications, which will increase the expense and admin overhead of managing multiple applications.

Choosing between Auth0 and miniOrange MFA feature

Auth0 offers MFA in many forms, including push notifications , one-time passwords over SMS and Email , and more. They provide step-up authentication, allowing businesses to restrict access to apps that are more sensitive in nature.

miniOrange offers 15+ MFA methods along with adaptive MFA features, enabling users to create access policies based on risk factors. For example, businesses can enable password-only authentication for low-risk log-ins and passwords plus push notifications for medium-risk log-ins.

miniOrange Unique points you should keep in mind

  1. 1. Flexible IDP

  2. IDP system enabling SSO for the applications without moving the users from their existing user store.

  3. 2. Protocol Brokering

  4. Use Single Sign-On(SSO) , MFA , and User Management service into any application with cross-protocol support between your apps and IDPs.

  5. 3. SSO Connector Support

  6. Transform non-SSO complaint application to SSO compliant Application with desired protocol.

  7. 4. External Database Integration

  8. Authenticate your users via any external database or API.

Is Free Trial actually a SCAM?

Auth0 does offer a free version with up to 7,000 active users and unlimited logins but for a very limited time wherein you are required to sign a commercial agreement to find out whether Auth0 fits your use case or not. 7000 users in the free plan don’t support a basic feature like “Roles and Permissions” within Auth0 dashboard and will need to upgrade

miniOrange offers a 30-day free trial with all the features enabled. In case, the organization fails to evaluate the Product, miniOrange offers a flexible extension for the trial account. Not only this, a dedicated software engineer is allocated to each customer for helping them out during testing or any sort of configuration via Email, Chatbot, and Phone support.


Auth0 offers different levels of support along with a ticketing system . Auth0 has a community support system, wherein all customers can search through existing questions (or) post a new question if theirs hasn't been answered, although there are no guaranteed response times for questions posted.

miniOrange provides a 30-day trial account. There is no restriction on features or usage for the initial 30 days. Users can test the solution end-to-end, and once a user is satisfied with it, they can decide to become a premium customer. Along with 24*7 Technical Support miniOrange also helps customers grow technically so that they see wonderful results in their Businesses.

miniOrange keeps customer communications consistent by routing calls to engineers that have previously worked with the customer. This gives us a better perspective and understanding of the customer's environment, resulting in faster call closure times and higher customer satisfaction. Customers frequently benefit from our unique consultative service in addressing business concerns, in addition to receiving high levels of support and working closely with our skilled development team.

Effective Pricing

Given the fact that small and mid-sized businesses are growing rapidly these days. Their business part is cracked by a solution that meets their needs at a reasonable price. Auth0 charges a minimum of $2/user/month i.e. $50 for a minimum of 25 users, which is not inclusive of support. No multiple directory integration for the $2 plan

miniOrange excels in the pricing department, with the most cost-effective per-user Workforce IAM solutions. miniOrange uses a special tier-based pricing structure for customer-specific (B2C) IAM services, making user authentication very economical.

miniOrange believes that organizations should not face high implementation costs for securing their applications or websites. Their data and credentials should be protected at ease without rendering or affecting their learning process.

Auth0 vs miniOrange - Final Thoughts

Both Auth0 and miniOrange support flexible identity management systems preferred by small companies, and small teams who are attracted to the free version & are looking out to explore. miniOrange is also used by organizations of all sizes, from small to large businesses, B2B or B2C, or non-profit organizations, and is one of the dominant & well-supported identity management systems on the market.


miniOrange logo
Auth0 logo
Ease of Use & Support
Quick & Easy Installation
Support for Customization of solution as per requirements
Active Support for every query with quick response
End to End Configuration
Local Language Support
No User Migration Needed
Basic Competency
Availability of solution to both Cloud & On-Premise, Also connectors for many platforms/CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
(Support for Both On-Prem and Cloud IdP)
Product functionality
Single Sign-On
All Standard Protocols Support
Cross-Protocol Brokering
Integration with third-party Identity Providers
User Directory Integration
Supports JWT Integration
Password Vaulting/Secure Web Authentication
Social Login Integration
Windows Single Sign-On
External Database Integration
API Integration
User/Group Management
User/Group Provisioning with support On-Demand and scheduled sync on daily basis.
SCIM support
User Re-Certification Workflow
SAML Integrations
Service Provider and Identity Provider-initiated login
Multiple SP Support
User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
Multi-Factor Authentication
Support for 15+ authentication methods
Popular Authentication methods support
Integrations with the hardware token
Backup Methods - Soft Token, OTP Over Email, Security Questions
2FA integrations with VPN Clients
Windows credential provider
Third Party MFA Providers
Offline MFA
App protection
System Protection
User self-enrollment & self-management
Adaptive Authentication
Enforce access based on user’s device, location and time
Limit which devices can access apps — corporate vs. personally owned
Control which devices can access apps
Notifications to users and admins via email and SMS
Login Security & monitoring
Advanced Blocking
Brute Force & DOS Protection