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Independent Solution

EBS AccessGate is mandatory for SSOGen’s Oracle EBS SSO implementation. miniOrange Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Connector is completely independent, purely self-contained, and does not require any additional components such as EBS AccessGate. Dependency on additional components in a third-party solution is often a factor that software users take into serious consideration as this impacts a lot of different layers of any solution - like support, ease of integration, and points of failure. miniOrange Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Connector gets the clear edge here.

Support and Maintenance

When it comes to implementing overall Identity and Access Management for organizational security, timely and effective support is essential. Organizations don't just need assistance when something breaks down, they also require direction and advice on best practices or solutions for dealing with business difficulties. Especially with critical legacy applications such as Oracle EBS, it is more important than ever that there exists a reliable and robust technical support infrastructure. When it comes to an organization like miniOrange, we have a large arsenal of technically efficient support architects and engineers to provide you with help with all of your Identity & Access Management requirements. Support of this scale is not possible with relatively smaller organizations that have a limited number of IAM functionalities in their scope.

A 24*7 specialized Client Experience support team at miniOrange ensures that every customer encounter is of the highest quality. Each call is sent directly to an expert Technical Engineer, avoiding the time-consuming and often irritating process of navigating faceless automated chatbots. We keep all customer communications consistent by routing calls to engineers that have previously worked with the customer. This gives us a faster perspective and understanding of the customer's environment, resulting in quick call closure times and higher customer satisfaction.

Multi-Factor Authentication

SSO into Oracle EBS is already a widely requested requirement. However, MFA for Oracle EBS is one of the highest needed features in today’s IAM landscape. Even when it comes to enabling MFA for your Oracle Applications, miniOrange is the unarguable leader. We support 15+ methods for MFA, which no other competitor can currently manage for MFA over Oracle EBS. Our MFA for Oracle EBS Solution is a smooth integration with easy customizability such as separate 2FA methods for iSupplier and internal users, the added functionality of risk-based authentication and, so on. We also provide MFA on top of your Active Directory or any existing Identity Provider.

Identity Provider

miniOrange provides its own IDP, in addition to supporting every single third-party IDP on the internet natively. This feature makes us stand out from our competitors which don’t have their own complete IAM Solutions. An integration with miniOrange IDP is the smoothest way to get SSO + MFA up and running for all your legacy applications like Oracle EBS.

Deployment Options

miniOrange’s Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Connector is the only solution in this space that gives you the option to choose from two different deployment options - Cloud-Hybrid or On-Premise

This enables you to utilize a wide range of features, such as a “Pay-as-you-go” model where only your active users utilizing SSO are counted in the license in case of Cloud-Hybrid, or a compliance-friendly On-Premise model which is purely on your infrastructure and has no requirements for internet connectivity. Even in terms of security, miniOrange’s solution goes the extra mile by taking care of intrinsic details such as setting the Oracle EBS session cookie scope to host instead of domain, to take care of any potential session hijacking attacks. This level of detail in form, function, and security is not possible with anyone else.

Partnership Arsenal

Additionally, miniOrange has been recognized as an Oracle Partner under Oracle’s Global Modernized Oracle Partner Network (OPN) program. miniOrange has also been recognized as a Microsoft Partner under the Microsoft Marketplace Partner program. This professional relationship with Oracle and Microsoft makes miniOrange one of the most sought SSO & MFA products, especially for SSO and MFA into Oracle Applications having users stored in Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. This seamless integration on both ends makes miniOrange the undisputed market leader.

Special Recognition

Oracle has also shown recognition for miniOrange by accepting the miniOrange Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Connector on their own Cloud Marketplace. You can view this solution by visiting Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Interestingly, miniOrange is the only Oracle EBS SSO Solution that has ever been accepted on Oracle Cloud Marketplace - which speaks for itself.

Unrivaled Pricing

Adding SSO and MFA on top of legacy applications such as Oracle EBS is a very expensive affair with most solutions.

Sr.No miniOrange [Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Connector] Oracle [Oracle’s Identity & Access Management Suite Plus] Okta [Access Gateway]
License Cost $9 /user/year $110 /user/year $36 /user/year
Support Cost $3 /user/year $15 /user/year $?? /user/year

Starting from Oracle’s Identity and Access Management Suite Plus* which charges $110 /user/year - License + $15 /user/year - Support to Okta’s flat $3 / user / month Access Gateway** costs, every solution seems needlessly expensive.

Our huge list of active customers speaks a different story - miniOrange is the unrivaled choice when it comes to implementing secure SSO and MFA for Oracle EBS. Contact idpsupport@xecurify.com to instantly get a custom quote as per your exact use case - never pay more than needed.

* Source - Oracle Technology Global Price List
** Source - Okta Access Gateway Pricing