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Oracle EBS SSO 
with Azure AD

Ready to use Oracle EBS Azure AD Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Enable Single Sign-On between Oracle EBS and Azure AD without the need to purchase and install Oracle Access Manager (OAM) and Oracle Internet Directory (OID).

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Oracle Cloud SSO Configuration

What is Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) Azure AD Integration?

"miniOrange SSO connector enables Single Sign-On between Oracle EBS - 11i, 12.1, and 12.2 and Azure AD without the need to purchase and install Oracle Access Manager (OAM) and Oracle Internet Directory (OID)."

Oracle EBS Azure AD Single Sign-On SSO integration is enabled with the help of miniOrange SSO Connector. This integration involves registering the miniOrange connector as a SAML Service Provider (SP) in Azure AD, and Azure AD as a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) in the miniOrange connector. The authentication flow works like this: when a user tries to login into Oracle EBS, the authentication is delegated to miniOrange, which redirects the user to Azure AD for Single Sign On Login. Upon successful authentication, the user is granted access to Oracle EBS. Oracle EBS can also be protected with Azure AD Multi-Factor. Oracle EBS URL can be added to Azure AD Applications Dashboard by Azure AD Admin, and users can launch it like any other Azure AD Application. miniOrange SSO connector can enable Azure AD SSO for the following supported Oracle EBS versions - 11i, R12 and R12.2 and it can also enable Oracle EBS integrations such as OBIEE, Hyperion/EPM Suite, ADF Applications, WebCenter and Agile. miniOrange SSO Connector can also enable Azure AD Cloud SSO for other Oracle Products as well such as Peoplesoft, Siebel and JD Edwards.

"As the miniOrange Oracle EBS SSO connector is officially listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you can rest assured that all of our integrations on the Microsoft and Oracle Stack fulfill the highest competencies set by Oracle for their trusted advisors like miniOrange."

Setup Guide

Designated features of Oracle EBS Azure AD SSO Solution

Features Section

OAM and OID not required

Oracle Access Manager – OAM and Oracle Internet Directory – OID are not mandatory to integrate SSO between IDP and any of the Oracle Applications

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Add an extra layer of security to your Oracle applications while logging in. It ensures the right set of eyes has access to your sensitive information sitting on the cloud or on-premise. We support 15+ MFA methods.

Directory Integration

Easily Integrate your existing LDAP/Active Directory or any SQL database in miniOrange to provide users SSO login with secure access to Oracle applications using their existing credentials.

User Provisioning

Updates user information in your integrated directory IDP and Oracle Apps when you manage user information like CREATE, DELETE or UPDATE user accounts in miniOrange.

Device & IP Restriction

Admin can limit their users to login from specific IPs and devices. These Adaptive Authentication factors provide additional security to your Oracle Applications SSO login.

Authenticate with External IdPs

Use your existing SAML/OAuth Identity Provider (IDP) to authenticate into Oracle applications. No need to onboard your users separately, we provide uninterrupted access to users.

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"As a new government agency in charge of a massive untapped market, security against data breaches and hacking is critical for the organization's smooth operation, as is protecting the data of its employees and contractors. As a result..."

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Oracle EBS Azure AD SSO solution Benefits

Boost Productivity

Oracle EBS Azure AD SSO solution gives better productivity and user experience as users don't have to login multiple times or remember different passwords to login to different Oracle applications, thus improving productivity.

No need to Migrate Users

Simplicity for both end users and admins as their is no need to migrate existing user data from Identity Providers (IDP), Active Directory (AD) or database where your users are stored.

Additional Security

Along with SSO you can also add an extra layer of security to your Oracle apps by configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). We offer to log in using backup codes whenever the user is not having the phone available.

Periodic Password Change

Periodically we enforce users to change their Single Sign-On (SSO) password to ensure additional security.

No need to remember URLs

No need to remember different application URLs, as users are only using one set of credentials to login to any Oracle application via SSO authentication.

Support IT Security Audit

We support IT Security Audits such as SoX and HIPAA which are required while enabling SSO for Oracle applications like Oracle EBS 11i, R12, and 12.2.

Oracle EBS Azure AD Single Sign-On Authentication Workflow

  1. The User sends the request to access the Oracle E-Business Suite.
  2. Oracle EBS redirects the request to the miniOrange SSO Connector for authentication.
  3. The miniOrange SSO Connector redirects the user to Azure AD for authentication.
  4. The user is prompted for their Azure AD credentials, and is authenticated upon a successful response.
  5. The connector receives the user’s Oracle EBS registered username/email from Azure AD via SAML attributes.
  6. The connector checks the value of the username/email received from Azure AD against the FND_USER table in the Oracle EBS Database & creates a session for them.
  7. Upon successfully creating a session, user is redirected to the Oracle E-Business Suite portal as logged-in user.

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