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Mobile Device Restriction

Limits access to specific systems, and accounts to a few pre-registered or Company Owned/Business Only (COBO) devices only. Increases data security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access by capping the number of devices allowed to access certain resources.

  Exclusive Access: Grants access only where it truly belongs, corporate assets

  Cap on Device Count: Controls the number of devices for enhanced security

  Reduce Unauthorized Access: Minimizes breach risks effectively

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Mobile Device Restriction - what is it and how it works

The Challenge

In a world where mobile devices have become an integral part of our work lives, securing access to critical resources is of utmost importance. However, the convenience of mobile connectivity also brings forth security concerns. Unauthorized access, data breaches, and compromised assets are potential risks that must be mitigated.

The Challenge

The Solution

The Solution

  • Mobile Device Restriction is a key component of the broader Device-based Restriction approach.
  • It empowers system administrators to define the number of devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, etc.) that an end-user can use to access an account or system.
  • This feature enables administrators to take control of resource accessibility.
  • It ensures that critical resources cannot be accessed via users' mobile devices.

COBO (Company Owned/Business Only)

Under the principle of COBO (Company Owned/Business Only), this restriction system typically emphasizes granting access only to corporate devices, ensuring heightened security. By designating certain devices as "trusted", this method not only curtails user access to those specific devices but also potentially restricts access on personal devices, thereby adding an intensified layer of security against unauthorized access

Mobile Device Restriction
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Features of Mobile Device Restriction

Device Registration

Register and label devices as "trusted", facilitating seamless access and aligning with COBO (Company Owned/Business Only) policies where only company-owned devices are prioritized.

Device Limit

An upper cap on the number of devices that can be registered. Set by the administrator, this ensures tighter control and alignment with company device policies.

Enhanced Authentication

When unregistered devices are used or when device limits are exceeded, users face advanced security barriers, such as security questions, OTPs, and biometrics.

Access Denial

Beyond just challenging, the system can outright deny access if the user is trying to access from an unregistered device or has exceeded the allowed device count.

Benefits of Mobile Device Restriction

Enhanced Data Security & Uniform Experience

By restricting access to "trusted" corporate devices under the COBO model, the risk from personal devices is minimized, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Streamlined Compliance

Align with regulatory requirements by implementing stringent security measures for mobile device access.

Robust Browser & Device Access Control

Beyond just devices, MDM allows fine-tuned control down to specific browser sessions, and the system denies access to non-COBO devices or when device limits are exceeded.

Reinforced Company Reputation & Resource Management

Strict access control not only safeguards the company's data and standing in the market but also ensures efficient distribution and use of company resources.

Integrated & Selective Management

Integrate and selectively manage devices with centralized control, while maintaining corporate security standards. Simultaneously, administrators can select resources that can be accessed via mobile devices, ensuring appropriate access levels.

Scenarios where IP Restriction can be used

Educational Settings

In an educational setting, mobile device restrictions can be employed to effectively manage classroom distractions by restricting device usage during learning sessions, thus fostering a focused environment. Restricting devices ensures students are engaging productively with educational content, optimizing the learning experience.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Industries involved in valuable intellectual property, like research and development, can find value in employing device-oriented limitations. This strategy safeguards against unauthorized entry to confidential data by confining it to approved devices operating within the organization's secure network.

miniOrange Mobile Device Restriction Applications

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Device Restriction

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Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication

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