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Access Control

Time-Based Access Control restricts network traffic based on time frames, it also sets limits during specific hours, days, or dates for elevated security.

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Time-based Access Control

What is Time-Based Access Control?

Time-Based Access Control is a security practice that strategically limits resource access using specific timeframes. This empowers organizations to establish and enforce access rights based on time-related factors, such as hours, days, or dates. By employing time-based access controls, organizations can enact rules that govern user or group access within defined time slots. This ensures that sensitive information and critical systems are accessible only when necessary, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access beyond designated windows.
For instance, consider a scenario where employees seek access to secure data. Time-based controls can be configured to grant access for specific durations such as hours, days, or more—within specified applications. This approach safeguards sensitive data like customer information, financial data, and proprietary source codes.

Features of Time-Based Access Control

Time-based Access Control: Features Section

Elevate your security

Ensures enhanced security through Time-Based Access Control by choosing when and how users access critical resources.

Access Policies Tailored to Time

Customized access policies by specifying when different user roles, systems, and resources should be accessible or restricted based on time.

Time-Based Rules for Precision

Create rules and schedules that govern resource access within defined time windows. These rules can be configured through access control lists, user group settings, or other setup options.

Efficient Access Automation

Employ automation tools to streamline user access management by automatically applying defined time-based rules, including the automation of user provisioning and deprovisioning.

Continuous Policy Refinement

Keeps access policies up to date by scrutinizing access schedules, fine-tuning user permissions, and removing obsolete rules. Policies are regularly reviewed and adjusted to align with evolving security standards.

Benefits of Time-Based Access Control

Elevated Security

By limiting access to specific time periods, organizations reduce the chances of unauthorized entry during vulnerable periods, thus elevating overall security.

Compliance Adherence

Assists organizations in meeting regulatory and industry compliance requirements that mandate controlled access to sensitive data.

Operational Efficiency

These controls enable automation of access management according to predefined schedules, reducing manual tasks and enhancing administrative efficiency.


Time-based access controls grant flexibility in providing temporary access to contractors, partners, or vendors during specific timeframes, reducing the need for constant oversight.

Use Cases of Time-Based Access Control

Secure Web Link Access

Web Link Access allows individuals to enter your space without downloading any mobile apps. This is ideal for one-time visitors, such as contractors or consultants. Admins simply add the visitor's email to the member list, and the system generates a web link that opens on their smartphone's browser to access the space temporarily.

Simplified Access for Temporary Users

Similar to regular users, temporary visitors or one-time guests can also have time restrictions. Admins can share access via web links, eliminating the need for them to download any apps. These links can have limited validity, ensuring temporary users only access your space during their visit and for specific doors.

Bulk Time Restrictions

You can apply restrictions to a door or group of users, and it will automatically affect everyone involved. For instance, if your marketing and sales teams need weekly access during specific hours, you can set group restrictions for efficient and centralized access management.

Recurring Time Restrictions for Employees

Administrators can define specific days and hours when employees have access to certain resources. This flexible scheduling provides the highest level of control, ensuring access is granted only when needed.

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