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Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Identity and access management (IAM) in the simplest terms, is the management of electronic or digital identities. With a fully functional identity and access management solutions framework in place, IT admins can take control of users’ access to sensitive information, also known as access management within that organization. It is a business structure that enables organizations to secure their data and protect their users from all kinds of security threats; additionally, it also adheres to all regulatory compliances.

IAM is a broad term that comprises a range of technical solutions and related processes within it. These solutions ensure the protection of an organization’s assets and ensure only the right users have access to the right kind of resources and systems.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

As per a report by Fortune Business Insight, the identity and access management market is predicted to expand and grow from USD 13.41 billion in 2021 – to - USD 34.52 billion in 2028. In current times, there has been a rapid surge of data theft, leaks, insider attack, and numerous related issues arising. And so IAM solutions are rapidly gaining popularity. It is imperative for businesses to find the right identity and access service providers, depending on their requirements.

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