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Fraud Prevention
miniOrange Fraud Prevention product uses device, location, time of access and user behaviour to minimize the risk of improper data access or loss of information.



Using a lost mobile phone that has saved credentials in a banking application

Strong Authentication using Fraud Prevention

With increasing user mobility and more ways to access corporate applications and data by more users, access security requires more intelligent controls to assess overall business risk prior to authorizing access to this information.

Fraud Prevention API Guide


Part A: miniOrange Fraud Prevention API package contains various JS (Javascript) files that you will need to import in your web pages from where you like to call miniOrange APIs.

Part B: There are 4 fraud prevention APIs that you need to call (The Javascript files that you included makes these calls):

Browser Based Device Fingerprinting

Identification Ease of Implementation Stable Requires Client Scripting? Requires user permission?
User Agent Easy Yes No No
HTTP_ACCEPT headers Easy Yes No No
Browser Plug-in Details Easy Yes JavaScript No
Time Zone Easy Yes JavaScript No
Screen Resolution Easy Yes JavaScript No
Color Depth Easy Yes No No
System Fonts Easy Yes Flash/Java Applet No
Are Cookies Enabled? Easy Yes No No
DOM local storage supercookie Easy Yes Yes No
DOM session storage supercookie Easy Yes Yes No
IE UserData Easy Yes Yes No
The order of HTTP headers Easy Yes No No
Other supercookies: Flash, Silverlight, HTML 5 databases, DOM globalStorage Difficult Yes Yes No
ActiveX CPU detection Difficult Yes Yes No
CSS font detection tricks (in cases where Flash and Java don’t report fonts) Difficult Yes Yes No
Advanced plug-in detection for IE Difficult Yes Yes No
Silverlight Fingerprints Difficult Yes Yes No
IP address Easy No(due to DHCP) Yes No
IP address (as detected using Flash or Java) Easy No Yes No
CSS history detection Easy No Yes No
HTML5 Geolocation Easy No Yes Yes
Google Gears supercookies Easy No Yes Yes



Dynamic risk assessments

Behavior based risk profiling

Device, Location and Time of access based risk assessments

Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing

IP Reputation support

Advanced Policy Management

Automatic learning of new user behavior

Proactive application of risk policies to miniOrange Single Sign on Product

Configurable risk calculation & Support for a wide variety of factors for dynamic risk calculation

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Factors considered

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