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Google Workspace (G Suite) Security
Google apps Security for enterprises and full control over access of Google apps & account can be achieved by enabling Google IP, time, and device restrictions. Single Sign-On (SSO) into your Google apps account with one set of login credentials and secure all your Google Apps.

Google Workspace (G Suite) Security

Google apps Security for enterprises provides full control over access of Google apps & accounts - this can be achieved by enabling Google IP, time, and device restrictions using miniOrange Google Apps Security. Seamlessly Single Sign-On (SSO) into your Google apps account with one set of login credentials and secure all your Google Apps.

miniOrange prevents frauds with its dynamic risk engine in conjunction with enterprise specific security policy. We support a combination of the Device Id, Location and Time of access as well as multi-factor authentication that can detect and block fraud in real-time, without any interaction with the user. Now you can enable Google apps Security or restrict use of Google apps only within the intranet and block user access from outside the network, to enhance security.


A new work law in countries all around the world imposes restrictions on the working hours of all employees. In such a scenario, companies can restrict access by turning off email servers physically and stop the flow of incoming messages, which is indeed not a good solution. Instead, employees need to be refrained from checking their inbox after office hours.


Google apps security by miniOrange, along with fraud prevention dynamically analyzes users request and applies ip restriction or time based restrictions policies to application (Google apps) access, which minimizes the risk of access after office hours. Also, if a user is already logged into Google apps, miniOrange automatically logs out all the users after office hours which is configured by the administrator. This is only possible using Google apps security by miniOrange.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google apps

Login to your applications with Google apps as IdP. Check out the step-by-step guide to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for Google apps.

Click here to learn more about setting up Single Sign-on for Google accounts with an external Identity provider.

How can IP Restriction restrict access to Google apps(G-Suite) to our company offices?

miniOrange allows you to use IP Restriction policy to provide or deny access to the users based on trusted IP Addresses.

  1. For the IP Restriction to work, the Admin must create a policy specifying permitted IP addresses which allows the access to the application.
  2. Miniorange supports IP addresses range in three formats i.e. IPv4, IPv4 CIDR and IPv6 CIDR.
  3. To block the access, Admin must specify an action which needs to be performed when a user tries to login from a non trusted IP address (Such as Deny or Challenge the user with 2FA).
  4. Once the restriction policy is configured, it can be applied to any application’s login policy to enable IP restriction for that application

Adaptive Authentication through configuring IP Restriction

Adaptive Authentication Device Restriction limiting device count

How can Device Restriction restrict access to Google apps(G-Suite) to our corporate devices?

miniOrange allows you to restrict use of your application only within intranet ( office premises ) and blocks user access from outside the network. Additionally you can keep access open for some users from outside the network by creating different groups for them.

  1. In this restriction method admin allows end-users to add a fixed number of devices as trusted devices for their account.Once a device is registered for a user, that user’s device becomes the trusted device and he will be allowed to login without any restriction.
  2. When a user initiates the login process for an application for which Device Restriction is enabled, the attributes related to the user's browser session are captured for evaluations.
  3. Based on these attributes, the miniOrange Adaptive Engine checks and evaluates the decision for that particular user. (i.e Allow, Deny or Challenge with 2FA).
  4. Based on the decision calculated, the user is redirected to the appropriate action. (i.e Allowed to login if the decision is allow, denied to login if decision is deny or challenged with 2FA if the decision is challenge)

Access Restriction to Google apps using miniOrange cloud based solution

Access Control:

Access control specifies data control policies with respect to location, device, IP address, and other means through which G Suite content is often accessed, to maintain security. It imposes conditional policies on customer’s Google for business accounts and creates a virtual secure environment. Click here to learn more about Google IP restriction setup.

"Time Restrictions highly matter when business remuneration outflow is governed by employee working hours"

Enabling Google Apps IP restriction manually demands a high-versed technical person to handle the utilization. If the person lacks technical knowledge and configures incorrect details then your Google Apps cloud security risk level might increase unexpectedly. So here we need an advanced cloud security system that will overcome these issues and provide a top-notch security solution to your Google Apps.

Here miniOrange BEING A RELIABLE CLOUD ACCESS SECURITY broker comes in and offers all-in-one protection measures to your businesses using Google Apps. It also renders Google Apps security with IP restriction standards to supply high-level security to your organization Google Apps data. To implement Google Apps IP restriction for your organization or business is a simple setup with miniOrange. You don’t have to put in extra effort as an enterprise to disturb the implementation of Google account security during a business.

miniOrange takes full control and visibility of customer’s organizational data, which is stored on Google. It also allows IT administrators to analyze the employee’s behavior towards enterprise data. On detection of a possible breach, it instantly sends an alert email message to notify higher business authorities. miniOrange also renders the program to enforce access control standards at the macro level on the idea of the device, IP address, time, browser, geolocation, etc. This is possible using Google apps security by miniOrange.

DLP Policy:

Data loss prevention standard policy is appended by miniOrange during this consolidated Google Security software. These policies make sure that employees won't send confidential business information outside the business network. Whenever the Google apps solution detects the occurrence of such an incidence, it immediately blocks the user access and sends an alert mail to the business authority. Aside from this, many other subsequent security measures are provided by miniOrange.

Specific G-Suite security features provided by miniOrange:

  • Administrators can prefer to apply rules to specific individuals, groups, or the whole organization.
  • Rules are often set during a hierarchy, allowing flexible management.
  • Pre-defined IP locations whitelist where a user is allowed to access from.
  • No firewall or installations required.
  • Easy policy settings.

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