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Freshdesk Single Sign On (SSO)

Freshdesk provides configurable SAML Single Sign On (SSO) facility which allows your user to login without having a separate set of login credentials for freshdesk. miniOrange provides a ready to use IdP solution for Freshdesk.


Freshdesk presents you the easiest solution to manage your customer queries in the most efficient way possible. If you are looking for achieving this using a product with top-notch features, and a dedicated team to guide you hassle-free through this journey - you have arrived at the right destination!

miniOrange provides secure access to Freshdesk for enterprises and full control over access to the application. Single Sign On (SSO) into Freshdesk with one set of login credentials.

Freshdesk SAML Single Sign On

Freshdesk can be configured through SAML Single Sign On for your users. You do not have to provide separate login credentials for Freshdesk. The authentication of the user is done by any SAML provider you configure on your side and the user attributes like Email address are sent back to Freshdesk.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below for Freshdesk Single Sign On (SSO)

Step 1: Configure Single Sign On (SSO) Settings in Freshdesk

Step 2: Configure Freshdesk setting for miniOrange

Step 3: Onboard users into our system.

Step 4: Login to miniOrange Account

Using Two Factor Authentication for Freshdesk

The most practical way to strengthen authentication is to require a second factor after the username/password stage. Since a password is something that a user knows, ensuring that the user also has something or using biometrics thwarts attackers that steal or gain access to passwords.

Traditional two-factor authentication solutions use hardware tokens (or "fobs") that users carry on their keychains. These tokens generate one-time passwords for the second stage of the login process. However, hardware tokens can cost up to $40 each. It takes time and effort to distribute them, tracks who has which one, and replace them when they break. They're easy to lose, hard to use, and users consistently report high levels of frustration with token-based systems.

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Freshdesk Single Sign On (SSO)

We offer Security Solutions of Single Sign-On, Two Factor Authentication, Fraud Prevention and much more.

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