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miniOrange is the best platform to sell and stream online courses from your own website. From a single dashboard, you can create, manage, and sell your recorded and live courses online. It is one of the best streaming software with endless customization. Keep your courses on the Platform private and secure by allowing only the users present in your IDP to access those courses. Any external users won’t be able to access any course of your Platform.

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What you can do with the miniOrange Streaming application?

Make live and recorded videos with a professional appearance for the internet.

  • Recording

    Audio volume control is simple and intuitive. There are several scenes. The best video recordings on the market. The broadcaster is ideal for producing video-on-demand content.

  • Multistreaming

    Multistreaming, a fan favorite feature, allows you to stream to all of your favorite platforms, including but not limited to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and many more.

  • Professional Layouts

    Our Layout Wizard assists you in creating a variety of professional scenes ranging from podcasts to professional production events.

create and stream courses using miniorange streaming service

Online Classes & Webinars

Create professional webinars and online classes with ease.

Product Demonstrations

Stream interactive product or app demonstrations.

Interviews and Workshops

Remotely host or produce interviews and Q&A sessions with guests.

Virtual Events & Conferences

Increase your viewership by converting your physical event presence to a digital one.

Important Features

Live to stream

Go live on your platform, inform your customers about your merchandise, interact with them in real-time, and allow them to make purchases during your Livestream! The shopping cart becomes accessible during the live video session when miniOrange Streaming application is added to your platform, providing an incredible shopping experience.

Buy for others

You can buy a course using this feature and give your friends, family members, and other acquaintances access to it. Once the course has been successfully purchased, you can enter the recipient's email address to grant them access.

Token Gating

You can limit access to specific Courses on the website based on the NFT balance that is available in the user wallet by using NFT-based gated content. Web3.0 authenticates visitors' ownership of their cryptocurrency wallets when they log in to the Store using one. Access to restricted Courses is permitted if the wallet contains the designated NFT collection.

Restricted downloads

If some users are downloading your course materials—such as videos or files—using online tools and sharing them with other users. Using miniOrange Streaming application, you can create and stream online courses that contain text, images, videos, and other content while preventing unauthorized users from downloading the secured course content.

Authentication (SSO Access)

Keep your courses on the platform/websie private and secure by allowing only the users present in your IDP to access those courses. Any external users won’t be able to access any course of your platform/website.

Zoom Webinar

Using miniOrange Streaming application educators and life coaches can stream lectures, seminars, and webinars live, fitness instructors can stream classes, and experts run workshops on a range of topics on zoom. Live streaming has a huge advantage over video on demand in that it allows you to interact with your viewers in real-time.

Limit Access

Sometimes you need to limit the number of people who can register for a webinar. Suppose you're live streaming a yoga class and need to see everyone clearly. You can select how many attendees can register to your stream.

Email Notifications

Send fully customizable automatic email reminders to your attendees before the webinar begins, and after the webinar, invite them to watch the replay. miniOrange Streaming handles all of these notifications automatically.

Automation and Marketing

create and stream courses using miniorange streaming service

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