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SCIM Provisioning Gateway

With System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) Provisioning Gateway - automate user onboarding & offboarding with identity lifecycle management that provides seamless communication between directories & cloud apps.

SCIM Provisioning Gateway

What is SCIM Provisioning

SCIM, or the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (opens new window)specification, is an open standard designed to manage user identity information. SCIM Provisioning provides a defined schema for representing users and groups, and a RESTful API to run CRUD operations on those user and group resources. The goal of SCIM Provisioning is to securely automate the exchange of user identity data between your company's cloud applications and any service providers, such as enterprise SaaS applications.

Simplify user/group permissions

User Account Provisioning

User Provisioning process ensures user accounts are created, updated, deleted and given proper access across many SAAS applications and systems at the same time. User/employee information such as name, attributes, group name, and other associated data are available through account and access management.

Group Provisioning

Group Provisioning is required when you want to maintain the same user hierarchy and access control in multiple applications at once. Between multiple programmes, you can sync users with their appropriate group names.

User-Group Assignment

In automated provisioning workflow, you add users to apps based on specific user roles. Whenever a user is assigned a group, that user is automatically created in the associated app and granted access permissions.

SCIM User Provisioning Flow

Integrate with our SCIM Provisioning Gateway...

miniOrange SCIM Provisioning gateway integrates with a wide range of SaaS applications and directories.

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Automated Lifecycle Management Benefits

Strengthen Security

Manual provisioning and deprovisioning processes increase security risks. Now strengthen your security with automated user access management.

Enhance Productivity

Enhance your team productivity by automating onboarding-offboarding of users & streamlining user lifecycle management across applications.

Reduce Cost

Automated real time provisioning and elimination of idle user accounts/licenses reduces your organization costs

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miniOrange Cloud Single Sign-On service solution provided with a central place for user management along with Single Sign-On with a simple and intuitive UI Interface. Also the solution comprised of load balanced servers in free, data replication and regular backup of data...

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