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Single-sign-on to Odoo with miniOrange
miniOrange provides a ready to use solution to Single sign on to Odoo. This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to Odoo with a custom module provided by us.

Single Sign On to Odoo

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a powerful all in one mangement software, offering a range of business applications. It offers both community open source and enterprise versions with tools like including CRM, website/e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse - and project management, and inventory. Bussinesses can use this to manage their businesses and provide customized solutions to it's users.


If a user is logged into his site then he shouldn't have to log in a second time to access services/resources on Odoo. A Single Sign-On solution is required to allow users to be able to seamlessly move between their website and Odoo without the hasle of maintaing separate credentials. This allows admins to embedd Odoo views on their site to give a unified experience to their users and customers.

Our solution

miniOrange provides Single Sign On solution to login to Odoo from your existing website using connectors or plugins. miniOrange supports JWT/OAuth/OpenID standard which is used to securely authenticate the user to login into applications like Odoo. A custom OAuth connector for Odoo enables SSO with any existing website.

Embedded views in Odoo

You can embedd Odoo pages on your existing site/application and allows admins of a site to provide a seamless experience to it's users and customers. If a user is already authenticated and logged in into the site then there is no need to login again into embedded Odoo view. The custom module will automatically log in the authenticated user to Odoo and he or she is directed to the page with the Iframe. Thus providing seamless way to show necessary information on your site without authenticating the user twice.

For more details about setting up Odoo for embedded views: Click here

Step by step guide to configure sso for Odoo:

Configure miniOrange

Configure Odoo

Embedded views :

We offer Security Solutions of Single Sign-On, Two Factor Authentication, Fraud Prevention and much more.

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