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Web3 Authentication

Empower users to manage their own data and assets by eliminating intermediaries with miniOrange BigCommerce Web3 authentication. SSO via Web3 integration will enhance security & decentralization of user authentication across BigCommerce Store through blockchain wallets.

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What is BigCommerce Web3 Authentication

With BigCommerce Web3 Authentication, requests made to the BigCommerce API are validated through a Web3 provider such as MetaMask or WalletConnect. To ensure that only authorized users make API requests, miniOrange has developed a solution that utilizes different blockchain technologies to sign requests using the user's private key. This approach is secure and decentralized, offering a reliable way to authenticate API requests without relying on a central authority.

Web3 wallets interact with miniOrange which further sends request to BigCommerce & allows users to maintain control over their private keys and ensures that their data is not vulnerable to centralized hacks or breaches. Additionally, it provides a level of transparency and accountability, as all API requests are signed and traceable on any blockchain.

Bigcommerce CIAM

Flexible infrastructure that suits your usecase

Bigcommerce CIAM

NFT Gating is here

miniOrange offers NFT gating service for BigCommerce to create scarcity and exclusivity around their products and services, and reward their most dedicated customers with exclusive access and deals.
With Token-gated access, restrict access to certain content or experiences. Only NFT holders can access restricted features to certain products or services on the platform. This can include things like limited-edition merchandise, exclusive deals, or early access to new products.

Bigcommerce CIAM

Token gating features for NFT holders

NFT Proof of Ownership

With miniOrange token gating integration, NFT holders can validate if they are allowed to enter your content gate in a matter of clicks.


Let your customers use their NFT as a login for your gated content. Build a community of fervent supporters.

Token Gating Website

Allow access to an entire website or to just certain pages for those that prove that has one of your NFTs.

Enhanced Security

Hide confidently content from non-supporters. Our solution takes care of authentication and content gate accessibility.

Built for all Platforms, Wallets


We provide Solution to all your

Platform Mobile
Platform Mobile
Platform Mobile
Platform Mobile


Adaptable to support existing wallet infrastructure

Platform Mobile
Platform Mobile
Platform Mobile
Platform Mobile

miniOrange Web3 & NFT gating works best with

Our solution is a simple & will work on pretty much every website and CMS available.



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Web3 authentication provides a more secure way of authenticating user identities as it is based on blockchain technology which is known for its immutability, transparency and security.


Web3 authentication is based on decentralized systems, which means that user data is not controlled by any single entity and is more resistant to hacking and data breaches.

Lower cost and faster transactions

Web3 authentication enables transactions on the blockchain which can be faster and less expensive than traditional payment methods.

Increased trust

Web3 authentication can increase trust among customers as it provides a transparent and secure way to authenticate user identities.


Web3 authentication allows users to remain anonymous, which can be important for users who want to protect their privacy.

Platform Independent

Seamless access to BigCommerce apps over all devices supporting a web browser which gives users and employees free experience on any platform.

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