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Security Analyst

Status: Full Time, Employee

Experience: 2 to 3 years

Qualification:: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Security, or related field.

Location: Baner, Pune

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Penetration Testing:
    • Conduct external and internal penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of existing security measures.
    • Perform application security assessments and code reviews to identify and remediate security flaws.
    • Analyze and exploit security weaknesses in network infrastructure, applications and systems.
  • Report Generation:
    • Create detailed and comprehensive penetration test reports, including identified vulnerabilities, potential impact, and recommended remediation steps.
    • Communicate findings effectively to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Tool and Methodology Proficiency:
    • Utilize industry-standard tools and methodologies for penetration testing.
    • Stay updated on the latest security trends, vulnerabilities, and hacking techniques.
  • Collaboration:
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, system administrators, and network engineers, to ensure a collaborative and secure development environment.
    • Provide guidance to entry-level security analysts and contribute to their professional development.


  • 2-3 years of hands-on experience in penetration testing.
  • Certifications such as OSCP, CEH, or equivalent are a plus.
  • Strong understanding of networking protocols, security frameworks, and common vulnerabilities.
  • Understanding of cloud-native deployments on AWS. Knowledge of security policies, IAM on AWS is needed.
  • Knowledge of securing deployments on Kubernetes and Docker.

Tasks Performed by an Entry-Level Security Analyst:

  • Security Monitoring:
    • Monitor security alerts and incidents, escalating as necessary.
    • Assist in the deployment and management of security monitoring tools.
  • Vulnerability Management:
    • Assist in vulnerability assessments and remediation efforts.
    • Conduct regular scans to identify and assess vulnerabilities in systems and applications.
  • Incident Response:
    • Participate in incident response activities, including investigation and documentation.
    • Support the development and improvement of incident response plans.
  • Security Awareness:
    • Contribute to security awareness programs for employees.
    • Provide basic training on security best practices.
  • Documentation:
    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of security policies, procedures, and configurations.

What We Offer You:

  • A constant stream of new things for you to learn. We're always expanding into new areas and exploring new ideas.
  • A set of extraordinarily talented and dedicated peers.
  • A stable, collaborative, and supportive work environment.


It will be the best in the industry and according to experience of the candidate and company norms.

To apply for this position, please email your resume to careers@xecurify.com and simply mention in the subject as Security Analyst / Penetration Tester.

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