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HAproxy Vs miniOrange Reverse Proxy

Feature Comparison

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HAproxy logo
Active community support for resolving common issues
High end data compression
Fast and simple installation steps and configurations
Efficient CPU utilization
24/7 customer support to help with any issues raised globally
Bot Traffic protection
DDoS attack mitigation
Customisable modules for varying use cases to help users provide a diversified service
Real-time traffic monitoring
Built-in user friendly dashboard for easy navigation
HTTP protocol authorization
Content caching
Supports A/B testing
Cluster synchronization for changed rules
JWT Authentication
Threat warnings and alerts
SSO and MFA integrations
Set up multiple IDP and IAM connection

miniOrange Reverse Proxy offers a wide variety of security features with flexible scalability, all available at the most affordable price to all types of businesses. Start by signing up now!

Why should you choose miniOrange over HAproxy?

Simple Installation steps

We provide easy to understand documentation guides for installation and configuration of our reverse proxy.

Best in class support

Our 24/7 customer support is available globally and blazingly fast. For various plans we even provide an experienced developer for full-time support.

Active Community

Our community support helps all users with any kind of queries and provides solutions to all common issues at any stage of use.

Friendly Dashboard

The reverse proxy dashboard is built to stay friendly and easy to navigate through sections for all users.

No single point of failure

HAproxy, when installed on-premises creates a single point of failure.

Additional Technical Features by miniOrange

Content caching

Sites which are frequently visited can be cached in the reverse proxy for faster load times and, in some cases continuing from where you left off.

Traffic Monitoring

Monitor traffic incoming towards the site to watch for patterns of threat such as location, IP address, and time gaps.

DDoS attack mitigation

Advanced modules to prevent and curb action that would result in a DDoS attack.

Bot Traffic mitigation

Advanced modules to prevent “Bad Bot Traffic” which could harm SEO and increase server load for your website.

Efficient CPU Utilization

Light and fast execution of all tasks with efficient CPU use to preserve resources.

Supports A/B testing

Deploy 2 variants of a website, on the original and our reverse proxy server, to check which version of the website gets more hits from your users.

Single Sign-On

With single sign on (SSO), you can securely log into all your accounts with a single set of username and password.

Why should you choose miniOrange over HAproxy?