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Varnish Vs miniOrange Reverse Proxy

Feature Comparison

miniOrange logo
Varnish logo
Compatible with various OS
High end data compression
Content caching
Fast and simple installation steps and configurations
Active community support for resolving common issues
Efficient CPU utilization
24/7 customer support to help with any issues raised globally
Bot Traffic protection
DDoS attack mitigation
Customisable modules for varying use cases to help users provide a diversified service
Real-time traffic monitoring
Built-in user friendly dashboard for easy navigation
Supports A/B testing
Cluster synchronization for changed rules
JWT Authentication
Threat warnings and alerts
SSO and MFA integrations
Set up multiple IDP and IAM connection

miniOrange Reverse Proxy offers a wide variety of security features with flexible scalability, all available at the most affordable price to all types of businesses. Start by signing up now!

Limitations of Varnish reverse proxy

Integration with multiple security solutions

Varnish HTTP Cache reverse proxy does not have flexibility in integration with other security technologies. miniOrange reverse proxy can be configured with multiple IDPs, enable SSO, MFA, IP restriction, Rate Limiting, setting user role based access control and even Load Balancing.

Custom solution development

miniOrange can develop custom solutions for various use cases as per the requests of the clients. Some notable use cases are Bot Traffic mitigation, WordPress role based access control for files and folders, Securing Google Workspace apps, MFA for SaaS applications, Media restriction and many more.

Server health status and Threat notifications

Varnish HTTP Cache reverse proxy does not provide any threat notifications to users when it is found, as a result, users are unaware of their servers' health. miniOrange reverse proxy sends regular updates on the health status and threats the website faces to keep the users aware of the functioning of the website.


miniOrange provides the best cost cutting competitive price for its reverse proxy solution.

Cons of using an open source software

The software will not be compatible with other softwares and will require some tinkering.

Hidden costs may also show up later on while utilizing the software.

Lack of documentation leads to a lot of wastage of time in finding resources from forums to resolve errors.

Set up procedure is difficult and generally requires an experienced developer for it.