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Traffic Monitoring and Analytics with Reverse Proxy

Set up website traffic monitoring and check server health status. Reverse Proxy provides multiple website traffic monitoring parameters and analytics features to check website traffic and send regular updates about the server load status.

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Why should you use Website Traffic Monitoring and Analytics?

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Firstly, what is Website Traffic Monitoring? Website Traffic monitoring and Analytics feature allows you to check website traffic generated towards your site. Website Traffic Analytics shows detailed user behavior and web server health status as well. With website traffic monitoring and analytics enabled, the reverse proxy server sends notifications about the website traffic updates, regular change updates and the server health status updates from the website traffic checker to the user.

Website traffic monitoring shows the web traffic information and website traffic analytics shows a detailed analysis of user interactions, traffic peaks and if any threats were encountered, with the help of the website traffic checker. Along with this, the reverse proxy server will also send regular server health status reports to keep the organization / company up to date with the web server’s performance, which is protected by the reverse proxy server.


Website Traffic Information:

Website Traffic Monitoring shares all detailed website traffic information with the site owner.

Traffic Location:

You can see which locations the website traffic comes from and at what time as well.

Fix Errors:

You can see which errors came up, when and where during user interactions in order to fix them, and curb them for recurring again.

Server Health Status:

Server admin will be sent regular server status and threat notifications to keep him/her up to date on server health.

Log Maintenance:

Logs are maintained for the users to look at and gain insights to work on, at their convenience.

Bot Traffic Mitigation:

Check for bot traffic. Bad Bot Traffic is non-human, automated traffic which increases traffic to a site by huge numbers which can lead to server crashing if not mitigated at the earliest.

Ports Usage:

You can check which ports are available, in use or are being congested with incomplete processes.

Monitor Traffic on domains and subdomain:

Monitor the traffic flowing from the main site to the subsites of an organization, and gain insights from that.

Consistent Ping Tests:

With consistent ping tests, you can test the network throughput and the quality of the network to check for areas of issues and improvements needed.

Traffic Monitoring Use Case

Suppose there's a user, Sarah. Sarah has set up the Website Traffic Monitoring feature on his reverse proxy to check website traffic. With this enabled, the reverse proxy stores the IP address of every request made and then Sarah can view the region from where the traffic is coming towards his website along with the time and timezone.

Website Traffic Monitoring feature sends out regular threat notifications about threats that Sarah’s web servers were prevented from. Sarah will get a notification regarding the threat status, server health and if Sarah’s site received too many hits which caused the server to be overloaded hence indicating the need for a Load Balancer. With the help of Analytics, Sarah can gain insights about her website’s target audience and work around it to improve her website features accordingly by checking the website traffic.

Suppose an employee of Sarah, say James, logs in. Sarah can now monitor the actions of James and get notifications of activities that James performs while he is logged in. Sarah can monitor multiple users like James all at once by enabling Traffic monitoring and analytics.

At the same time, Sarah can implement IP restriction and set up Bot Traffic mitigation as well to secure her website from unauthorized access requests and unwanted traffic. This can be achieved with the help of miniorange reverse proxy server.

Deprovisioning work module

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