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Configure TACACS Client in miniOrange

With miniOrange manage and increase security of all of your devices including tacacs routers and switches. miniOrange provides you a centralized dashboard where you can add all your TACACS devices and configure their authentication source like verifying user identities from Active Directory. For increasing or adding the extra layer of Security miniOrange provides you multi factor authentication on top of regular authentication. It can be AD authentication + MFA or local authentication + MFA.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below for configuring the TACACS Client in miniOrange

1. Add application

  • Login into miniOrange Admin Console.
  • Go to Apps and click on Add Application button.
  • TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) add app

  • In Choose Application Type click on Create App button in TACACS application type.
  • TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) choose app type

  • In the next step, choose your applicaton.
  • TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) add SonicWall app

  • Configure the below details to add your application.
  • Client Name: Any name for your reference.
    Client IP: IP address of VPN server which will send Radius authentication request.
    Shared Secret: Security key.
    For Eg. "sharedsecret"
    (Keep this with you, you will need to configure same on VPN Server).
    TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration steps

  • After configuring the given above details, click on Save button.
  • Your app is configured successfully. Click on Edit against your application for further editing.
  • TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration steps

    2. Add Policy

  • Now go to Policies >> App Authentication Policy and click on Edit to edit the policy for SonicWall.
  • TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration steps

  • Here you can select the Login Method from the dropdown.
  • 3. Enable 2-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • You can also enable Enable 2-Factor Authentication (MFA) by switching on the toggle button.
  • TACACS Client Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration steps

  • Save the settings.

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