Secure all sensitive information and resources using miniOrange Strong Authentication and Fraud Prevention products.

As Education institutions improve education services for their staff and students by digitizing education content and increase their online usage including online courses, they must ensure improved security, better security controls and strong authentication for their applications. They must safeguard their e–learning courses, intellectual property and application access against possible online fraud, phishing or identify theft and unauthorized data access. Colleges and Institutions must also ensure education services are offered in a secure and convenient way and digital identities of staff, employees and students are protected at all times.

miniOrange helps educational institutions achieve all of the above.

miniOrange products to protect Educational Institutions in convenient manner:

miniOrange uses these products to improve security to various transactions for Educational Institutions such as:

  • Secured e-learning courses
  • Secured email and online grading systems
  • secure electronic invoicing
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