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Data Loss Prevention 
For Email (DLP For Email)

  Effectively blocks unauthorized transmission of sensitive information through email channels like Google WorkSpace and Outlook

  Monitors Outbound Emails and manages Quarantined Emails for comprehensive email security within organizations

  Establishes Rules and Policies to Monitor, Detect and Prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive email via email

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$3.86 Million

Average Cost of Data Breaches


Data Breaches caused by Insiders

Avoid Fines

GDPR, HIPAA, and More

Features Offered by miniOrange Email DLP Solution


Content Analysis for Outbound Emails

Email DLP solution analyzes the outgoing emails. It scrutinizes the content, attachments, and metadata of outbound emails, ensuring sensitive data such as Personal Identifiable Information(PII), financial records, or confidential documents are not shared outside the organization.


Policy Enforcement

Upon detecting any kind of sensitive data, the Email DLP solution enforces predefined security policies. These policies dictate appropriate actions, such as blocking, quarantining, encrypting, or alerting based on specified criteria such as data type, keywords, sender, recipient, or email attributes. Additionally, it applies these rules and policies to the attached files as well.


Whitelisting Trusted Domains

Email DLP solution allows organizations to whitelist trusted domains to ensure secure communication through email channels. It ensures that the sensitive data remains within the organization’s trusted network, reducing the risk of unintentional data leakage. Additionally, email domains can be whitelisted to ensure that outbound emails are only received by approved domains.


Outbound Email Monitoring

Email DLP continuously monitors outgoing emails to detect policy violations or suspicious activities. It scans the email traffic, looking for any indicators of unauthorized data sharing or compliance breaches.


Quarantine Management

Email DLP solution incorporates robust quarantine management features to handle suspicious or policy-violating emails. It provides a secure repository for holding flagged emails, allowing administrators to review, release, or take appropriate action on quarantined items.


Auditing and Reporting

Email DLP solutions offer robust auditing and reporting functionalities, providing insights into email security activities. Detailed logs, dashboards, and reports offer visibility into email usage patterns, security incidents, and compliance status.

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Why Email DLP is Important?

Email DLP or Email Data Loss Prevention plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and transmission, thereby maintaining the integrity, confidentiality and compliance of an organzation. It enforces data protection policies and rules to prevent the leakage of sensitive information, including PII, intellectual property, financial records etc. In case a potential violation is detected, Email DLP solution can quarantine outbound emails, preventing them from reaching unauthorized recipients. It also ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS by enforcing data protection policies and maintaining detailed reports to keep a regular track.



All About miniOrange DLP Solution

miniOrange Email DLP solution is a powerful solution that enhances email security within organizations. By leveraging Email data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, it acts as a protective barrier against unauthorized sharing of sensitive data via email, thereby minimizing the risk of data breaches. This solution effectively blocks the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information from the organization through email channels such as Google Workspace, and Outlook. It comprehensively scans all email content for sensitive data and establishes rules and policies, ensuring robust data protection measures. miniOrange Email DLP solution not only protects against unauthorized sharing of sensitive data but also monitors outbound emails and manages quarantined emails, providing comprehensive email security within the organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Email DLP?

Email DLP, or Email Data Loss Prevention, refers to a set of technologies, strategies, and policies designed to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or leakage of confidential information through email platforms like Google Workspace, and Outlook. Email DLP proactively monitors the outbound email traffic to ensure that no sensitive information(such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, aadhar card details) is leaked maintaining security measures. Additionally, it checks for content, attachments, and metadata, thereby detecting any efforts to unlawfully transmit sensitive information. Furthermore, Email DLP seamlessly incorporates powerful quarantine management features, offering administrations a secure space to isolate emails that raise suspicion or breach the policies.

Can miniOrange Email DLP solution scan the content of the attached PDF file?

Yes, the miniOrange Email DLP solution can scan the content of the attached PDF files before sharing it. It analyzes the PDF attachments for sensitive information and enforce security policies and rules to prevent any unauthorized transmission.

What type of sensitive data can be protected by miniOrange Email DLP solution?

miniOrange Email DLP solution can protect various types of sensitive data, including Personal Identifiable Information(PII), financial data such as credit card numbers, banking details, HIPAA. It performs content inspection to detect sensitive data patterns within email content and attachements. This helps to prevent unauthorized data leakage and ensure compliances with regulatory standards like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS.

Is it possible to share data outside the organization's domain using miniOrange Email DLP solution?

Yes, the miniOrange Email DLP solution includes the feature to manage and control the sharing of data outside the organization's domain. Admins can configure policies, specifying conditions under which data can be shared externally, such as the domain, file containing data. These policies can be enforced by blocking, quarantining, encrypting, or alerting based on the set rules and policies, ensuring sensitive data is secured.

What are the best practices to implement DLP for Email?

Implementing Email DLP effectively involves several best practices. Firstly, conduct a thorough assessment of organizational data to identify sensitive information and understand regulatory requirements. Next, establish clear policies and rules tailored to address specific risks and compliance needs. It's crucial to involve stakeholders from various departments to ensure buy-in and alignment with organizational objectives.


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